Sorry for the delay on blahs and blahs…

so it's been pretty busy... not really, but really... i try. it's been just really "busy" sewing, finding new clothes, sketching some clothes (cuz i'm thinkin' i wanna do a fashion runway for my birthday!!! what do you guys think??!), writing some shorts, trying to do a 2nd draft on our 1st draft, putting more... Continue Reading →


Fuckin’ guidos, pappos, bettys, chers…. and old men?!

so yesterday was my 2nd day of interning with this boutique off of robertson... i'm never really on that side of hollywood unless i'm goin' to wesc to say hello to some fellow compadres or droppin' off some goods to some stores over there...  mista' jason lee!!! anyhow. it was nice and mellow and all... Continue Reading →

So here’s what i did yesterday….

so here's what i did yesterday january 1, 2009... so i said i was gonna stay active positive and productive... i stayed active cuz i woke up... i was positive cuz i couldn't stop laughing for no apparent reason... and i stayed productive cuz i ugggh? i uggggh.... i ummmm... played little big planet all... Continue Reading →

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