It’s a new day!!!! and a new YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i signed up like a few months ago (maybe a year or so ago and forgot about it), but i’ve been so busy and at the same time lazy so i thought why not start off with the new year a new blog!!! so you’re wondering “you had to start 57 minutes after the new year???!” No. but i wanted to. we never make plans like always and thought ryan was gonna have a party like every new year, yet our dumbasses, not asking if he was gonna have one in advance, ends up not having one. so what do we do all day???! nothing. i’ve just been online all day adding some friends to my clothing thingy on myspace and trying to figure out this stupid auctiva shit to finally sell clothes, yet there’s stuff i guess i’m missing… don’t you hate when there’s shit that says “fill-in missing information…” yet they don’t explain what the fuck you’re missing… that just annoys the shit outta me… oh well. it’s a new year. i’ll learn and finally get this clothes thing going so stay tuned with that tip… anyhow so here we are… me: typing about blahblahblah and bake: playin’ his new ps3 game called… hang on i’ll ask him right now… “little big planet”… have you played that???! i haven’t yet, but the cool thing about it is that its simple and yet so fun… it reminds me alot of oldschool mario on nintendo, but that the graphics is way crazier because it’s 2-dimensional rather than how games used to be… i miss pacman… maybe one day if i win the lotto i’ll have to get me those oldschool arcade games and just have a room called the “shit full of fun room…” now that would be good times… where was i going with this???! oh yeah. new years… man it’s been a way crazy year for me… good: cuz it’s over and i finally got to work in wardrobe in a movie & start making some clothes, and bad: cuz there’s not that much i accomplished… i blame it on my freakin’ self-loathing, unhealthy fast food diet, pessimisim, bein’ a loner or would you still be a loner if you hung out with another loner???, i don’t know, and my body dysmorphic disorder… but whatever… i’m gonna finally watch the secret and stay focused and get the show on the road… so new years resolution: 1no smoking smees 2no pessimism or laziness 3no 3 times a day eating only fastfood 4get down to biznass 5work w/ a philanthropy 6add more things as the days go by… too many passions, but there’s never a time to stop trying… well check the following and see what my favorite times of 2008 was… and you could also see the bad times: maybe not bad times, but shit that just bugged me or just plain bad for our culture… good STEEZ: EMERICA’S SHIFTER BOOT… I love emericas (even though that makes me a poser… well hey i try and push so fuck you… you try to ollie in cowboy boots or docs…) i love that it’s a skate shoe w/ a sole of a skate shoe, but steeezy to wear out and that means it’s ready for you to go cruise on your harley…

bad STEEZ: LOW-CUT MENS V-NECKS– i just wanna tell some guys “hey guido we don’t care about how many chest hairs you’ve grown this year… i don’t wanna look at your chest pubes sorry… that’s just not me”


good EVENT: GVR- it’s a mish, but well worth it… great skate entertainment for 2 days and BAD RELIGION performed too???! what???! ya. that’s what i said when i heard they were gonna be there…


bad event: LA NIGHT LIFE= the obsession with dj’s that all of sudden think they’re so hip and finally “seen” just cuz’ they listen to the same shit that sounds exactly alike, it’s all a mix of new kids on the block, n’sync, with a little “they wish they were janis joplin or the stones” and some “i wanna be rock n’ roll, yet i sound like poppy folk”… isn’t that the music that has gone wrong… don’t get me wrong… i love some of that stuff like “she and him” just cuz’ zooey deschanel is way too cute for words and “postal service” and hmmmm. i’m not sure there’s alot i like i guess i just am not “scene” enough to know what the bands are called… oh well. but there are some potential good music for history, will just see which ones make it & which ones well…. don’t. 


good TV: SONS OF ANARCY- seriously is such a great show… it makes me want to be a badass… or date one… oh wait i am… no bike yet… hahah. sorry PB… watch this show cuz’ they have a new season coming out this spring so let’s get this show keep rolling… i really hate dramas, especially teen lovey dovey who cheated on who and why they’re not in love right now, but will be in love in the next episode, but SOA is just so good… i like that there’s so much action… the best part is the cast… i’m obsessed with people’s acting and by far this is the best cast on television… everyone plays there part perfectly… i love the wardrobe on SOA too, it’s perfect on the bikers and “old lady’s,” that’s what the real gf’s are called… the hair & make-up is by far the best and precise w/ the characters and personas… i love it… watch it…

 bad tv: 6TEEN– so me and PB usually wake up to spongebob or drake&josh and we kinda just get in a lazyzone where we won’t change the channel til’ like 3 episodes of the ladder, but just recently we left it on Adult Swim & woke-up to this cartoon called “6TEEN,” okay. so if you know me you know how i can talk for days and complain about all the bad bullshit that’s in the media that influences today’s youth and so i was watching that cartoon and seriously was pissed off, which reminds me i need to write a letter to Cartoon Network… i already hate teen drama shows that show teens having sex, which in my opinion all i could say is “what the fuck you fuckin’ idiot producers??? so if you’re kids 15 or 16 you want them to think it’s okay to drink & have sex already??? or watch a cartoon that is about mallrats w/ no real comedy???” geez… i didn’t even know boys & girls had different body parts down there til’ i was 20… i know… my mom wanted me to be a nun… no joke. anyhow “6TEEN” is a horrible horrible cartoon, kids watch cartoons to watch jerry make tom feel like an idiot and teens watch other teens on tv to see zack trying to win kelly’s heart, by making slater look dumb while he dances and does some ballet moves, oh wait… that was when slater was tryin’ to win brownie points w/ jessie… it’s been so long. but what happened to that youth???! where innocence & genuine laughter existed… what happened to smiles & jokes???! i miss that youth…


good entertainment: CALL OF DUTY 4- that shits addicting… too bad PB wants to show me how to kill people everytime i play for 2 mins and takes the controller to “teach me” by playin’ for the next 2 hours & not letting me practice again…  i like killing people it’s fun… i’ve only killed one and died like 100 times… that’s how videogame unsaavy i am… oh well.


bad entertainment: SCENESTERS– all i need to ask you guys is “does goin’ out every night to dance and drink ever get old???” “how do you guys ever have real conversations w/ one another when the music is just blasted so loud???” “why don’t you guys just buy your own cameras so you guys don’t have to drive all thru hollywood or la just for a mug shot???” “what ever happened to just dressing up for an 80’s club instead of it becoming an everyday attire???” ” are they real lesbians???” (had to ask cuz i never read those dumb trashy magazines about stupid gossip i don’t care about and who wore what and if they think it’s cute or not… fashion should come from the heart, not cuz everyone is wearing it or cuz ashley and mary-kate were seen buying that thingymajingy)… maybe i’m actually the lame one that doesn’t understand and is the “bad of 2008” if so, my apologies… it’s okay to dress that way, but please… don’t judge others for not… or don’t be mean to people that might dress like that, but you don’t see them at your weekly club..


good flick: PINEAPPLE EXPRESS-need i say more???! weed???! and funny people???! i loved that shit… and danny mcbride and craig robinson are also my 2008 crush… them niggas is tight…


bad flick: CLOVERFIELD-the concept was good… but why didn’t they tell us to bring a barf bag?! that was harder to watch than goin’ on those UFO carnival rides twice… and please answer me this “why when they weren’t running from an unknown monster and are at a party that the camera still wasn’t steady atleast for a full 30 seconds straight???!” maybe it was just me, but i gave that a 2 thumbs dumb and 2 toes down as well… blah. made me nauseous…


good GIRLS: MILA KUNIS & ELLEN PAGE i was intrigued by these girls this year… i don’t make a decision from a movie or show an actor is on, i critique their acting and watch and read their interviews and these two loves are chill in my books… they both had a great year this year: forgetting sarah marshall was great & she’s stoked she was in max payne too, which was a completely different genre and juno was such a cute film… both these loves are never on tmz or some stupid shit at some stupid la spot… when i read anything or see any interviews they seem normal… their voices don’t change… they don’t try to act overly innocent & sweet… i could tell they act themselves and that my friends are what i call some “good catches”… so boys: take note.


bad GIRLS: KATRINA BOWDEN & KIMBERLY STEWART– so like i said i watch & read people’s interviews, BUT i also analyze people’s acting… now don’t get me wrong… i love 30 rock but i just don’t like katrina bowden’s actin’ in it… if they put someone like joanna garcia who could play comedies & drama, i just think it would be a better fit… katrina is super bangin’ but for a comedy show… not so much… i’ve never seen her in anything else, but i just feel like they didn’t cast ccerie well… she’s beautiful, but i feel like they needed someone that could play up that character a bit more extreme… and again back to the read & watch interviews thing… i cannot stand kimberly stewart… i used to work at this salon and seriously that girl is a duntz… always makin’ excuses up and always just bein’ so rude to me… she really thought she was like charlize theron or even paris hilton and kimberly i hate to break it to you, but you’re not even a paris hilton, nor cool  or nice… take some ettiquete classes for society’s sake…

  good BOYS: JACK MACBRYER & JUDD APATOW- kenneth is just so cute and adorable you want to bring one home so he could tell you about morals all day… and apatow is just so smart for producing the shit he produces and is really one of the nicest celebs… bravo good gentlemen. bravo.


bad BOYS: SHIA LABOUEF & JONAS BROTHERS– he was so cute as even steven, but now he’s just too much… and i just think he takes himself too seriously… come on guy “give some roles to some other underappreciated actors or somethin if you’re not gonna be grateful for the success you have already…” he’s too played out… his shits week, last week… i just read a review of him at the 2007 sd comic-con & they said he just wasn’t excited to be part of indian jones & what not and he really didn’t answer any questions well and was short & vague & seemed unhappy to be at comic-con… how can you not be stoked to be in somethin’ so adventurous… & for the jonas brothers-i didn’t even know who they were til’ tonight’s countdown… i always thought they were these other disney kids, but i found out tonight those kids are called the naked brothers… maybe i’m just jealous cuz they make way more money than i do… oh wait… i don’t have a job… that reminds me… i have an interview thursday & i gotta definitely sell my clothes already… but the fuckin’ missing info. i was talkin’ about earlier… damnit i gotta figure out what that is… off subject. whoops. well… i don’t hate these kids i just don’t know who they are… guess i should know before i say they’re bad… i’ll check them out sometime this upcoming year… maybe. if i can unglue myself from life… i guess. i won’t get to it.


 good SURFING: 3 words: “funny random shit”


bad SURFING: 3 words “who fuckin’ cares???!”

  good MAG: GQ- there’s always a good interview & fun little stories & style tips… its gangsta fo sho… but seth “why would you tell jonah hill not to do transformers??! what kinda friend are you???!”

 bad MAG: TRASHY SHIT-who cares who’s getting married or what rumors who has???! question to these mag writers “how important is it to talk about who said what and why their no longer friends or why ‘assume’ what’s goin’ on in people’s lives???!” that’s just dumb and really “how does this make any reader knowledgeable about the world today really?”


good HOLLYWOOD: UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE THEATER- great laughs & great comedians for a great price… open 7 days a week and so so much good times…


bad HOLLYWOOD: HOLLYWOOD DANCE CLUBS– i mean who really wants to go to some dance bar to be photographed for some website a person is in hopes of bein’ on surrounded by sweaty people that are judging whether enough you’re hip enough to hangout w/ and more importantly who you know so they can know the knows in hollywood… it’s ok for those who go once in a blue moon… cuz friends “i still love you eventhough some of you have a love for this lame shit, but then again i understand you like to dance cuz i love to boogie too” but on occassion, not every tuesday wearing my cool boots and headband that matches perfectly w/ my mismatch vintage gear… sorry i sound like a hater, but it’s just my opinion…


good LADIES STEEZ: who doesn’t love to wear their grandma’s old clothes???!

okay LADIES STEEZ: HEADBANDS & RAY BANS-it’s really cute i do love it, but wear it on occasion, not everyday… and when you and you’re other 6 girls are wearing all the same shit, it makes me think that you guys share only one brain… use your brains ladies… intelligence is a great accessory as well!!!



good ROAD TRIP: COMIC-CON SAN DIEGO- great movie previews with great q&a’s and lots of fun collectibles… the cool thing is that most of the panels we went to were really funny & if not funny really interesting that it kinda pisses you off they’re talkin’ so highly about a movie yet the movie is still a year away from comic-con..


bad ROAD TRIP: GETTING TO COMIC-CON & IT’S WAY TOO WILD TO EMBRACE- it’s so packed and so hard to walk from one side of the convention center to another… there’s way too many people and there’s way too many that forget to take showers… man oh man i’m at shoulder length so i got so many whifts that almost made me pass out… and we went for all 4 days and the parking lot was full everyday when we got there so we had to skateboard like 2 miles there and back to our car and carry around our skateboards all day… man oh man… it sucked ass… but that ass was well worth it…


OKAY SO I SOUND LIKE A BITCH NOW AND THAT I APOLOGIZE FOR…you might think i hate scenesters or hipsters or whatever you guys may be called, but i don’t i promise… that’s just a lifestyle i’ll have to blog about some other time… the thing is nightowls: moderate your play w/ work… it’s okay to go out and dance & just have a good night with friends, but don’t influence young teens to think it’s okay to get wasted & do drugs night after night… i just feel that our youth today doesn’t appreciate life as much and we all could make a difference really… now i sound way cheesy… THAT’S JUST MY CHOICES FOR 2008… IT’S GETTING LATE AND I SHOULD BE EITHER GOIN’ TO SLEEP OR FINDING SOMETHING ELSE TO BLOG ABOUT OR DO SOME WORK ONLINE… OKAY MAYBE I’LL BLOG AGAIN… OR SHOULD I SHUT UP NOW???! I’LL MAKE A FINAL DECISION AFTER A SMEE BREAK…. actually i’m gonna smoke & watch some fresh prince… blahblah soon!


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