Is it already January 3, 2009???! this years goin’ way too fast…

i hate that it’s already been 3 days of the new year and i am still smokin’… yes. i know. i say it every year, but this time i really wanna quit smokin’… any advice???! my friend’s mom says that she did hypnotizing and it worked, but i don’t wanna spend a few bills and then a week later chaining it more than a pack a day… ya i’m that horrible of a person… again. another day of absolutely nothin’… that damn “little big planet” just sucks me in… but only for a few, i was tryin’ to restrain myself from developing another addiction. videogames. oh yeah! here’s the characters me & PB designed… mine’s name is $tella & his is Berntree… they’re such a cute couple… hahaha. i’m so lame…

back to my day… as i said i’ve been lookin’ for a job so that’s what i’ve been doin’ all day… there’s really no jobs since the economy is having some issues right now & it’s like our country is on it’s period right now & upset we have a new president (cnn… so many complaints and he’s not even officially in office yet) and so many different companies had to either downsize or completely go outta business. i feel so bad for everyone who’s been laid off because it’s a hard time especially with the holidays just passin… (comment me if you have any ideas as to how we can all work together to try and help our economy in someway, one advice i have would be:buy a bike and ride your bike around more instead of driving & also recycle, but remember that when you recycle to take the bottle caps off or they don’t really recycle it even if they do accept it)… another thing that i accomplished today was i watched chuck & larry… i didn’t realize how funny it was eventho i’ve seen it before… kevin james & adam sandler are such cute fags. oh wait that’s the wrong wording: homo’s. no wait still rude. homosexuals or gays. much better. it is a really cute movie and i love the fun comedy. not too raunchy or over the top. my only change would be jessica biel… reason being: i was so distracted by her perfusely muscular ass & arms. i’m kidding. she is so in shape tho.

but her actin’ in it… was it just me or was she tryin’ way too hard to be an adult??? i could see someone like megan fox playin’ it better than her. i just felt like she was way too serious… & there’s this scene where they’re in the store & she invites chuck to a party & as she passes him to go into another isle he says “fuck ya!” and she turns back to ask him if he said anything and he says “oh it’s 2 for one w/ the lube, fuck ya!!!” and her facial expression and the way she says “oh… okay!” just isn’t the way someone would react to that… enough complaining… but nick swardson was great in chuck & larry and is adorable i love him… if you ever get a chance check out his stand-up… he’s so talented & hilarious…

since i’ve been lazy and doin’ nothing… here are some “nothings” to kill your “nothing time”:

so like i said has some funny shit on it… a few of my favorites are the david blaine ones: it’s this guy pretending to be david blaine and always fuckin’ with these 2 guys, until… he meets his competition…

another fav of mine is drunk history… it’s these people that tell a detailed history story about a historic figure and goes into depth about their life… the funny part is their drunk while making these facts, or more like assumptions…

if you’re nothing time has gotten to be a bit too much work cuz’ you are sick of typing and tapin’ on your laptop or comp… then maybe rent a movie… maybe a new release… here’s a few of my pics for this week…

” PINEAPPLE EXPRESS” on  dvd jan. 6, ’09… it’s about a newly discovered bond between a dealer & his customer… the love that grows between the 2 are so romantic and so fuckin’ hilarious that you gotta watch this movie over and over just to catch the dialogue you might’ve missed the first couple times you were laughing at somethin’ said before the other thing that was funny… i love this picture cuz’ this scene is pretty much the intro to “red” danny mcbride’s character and after seeing him in this i couldn’t stop wantin’ to know who he was… which reminds me, if you haven’t seen “the foot fist way” check that out too… it’s a low-budget film with a good random story about karate. karate?! yeah martial arts. also… soon there’s a new bromance coming out called “i love you man” please please watch it when it’s released cuz’ it’s seriously on my “antsypantsy” list cuz’ i saw a screening already and couldn’t stop laughing… which reminds me…



i love paul rudd… he’s such a great actor and this romance isn’t those cheesy kate hudson type movies… it’s genuine and real… jason segal based his real life relationship w/ an ex gf actress i won’t mention any name (uhhhummm linda cardellini)… paul rudd’s character is so different from other characters he’s played in the past… my favorite line is when him & jason segal are walkin’ on the beach gettin’ ready to surf and he starts singin’ a christmas jingle that he changes a word to… check it out for the laugh… you’ll get it… and enjoy it. and love it.



all i gotta say: cohen brothers movie. you like them?! you like how wierd and vague their stories are??! you’ll enjoy it.



who hasn’t seen it?! you haven’t??! watch it what are you waitin’ for??! you have?! what are you waitin’ for?! watch it again! it’s dark. it’s creepy. it’s action packed. it’s how i like it… and i love maggie gyllenhal in it. i think the actin’ is brilliant… the joker is really brought to life by heath ledger…

and here’s a few other 2008 releases  to check out (some are great and some are ok and some are better if you were irie-eyed so you don’t take it so seriously even if it is suppose to be serious):

STEP BROTHERS!, eagle eye, wanted, death race, HORTON HEARS A WHO, hancock<—was this bad???! i didn’t think so. maybe you shouldn’t take my advice, WALL-E, TROPIC THUNDER!, kung fu panda, hellboy:2, STAR WARS: ATTACK OF THE CLONE WARS, get smart, THE INCREDIBLE HULK!, IRON MAN!, the strangers, indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull, the happening (bad reviews, but i like how creepy & artsy alot of the random scenes were), BABY MAMA, street kings, DOOMSDAY!!, harold & kimar escape from guantanomo bay, 21, the bank job, superhero movie, DRILLBIT TAYLOR, be kind rewind, FUNNY GAMES, SEMI PRO,  strange wilderness, P.S. I LOVE YOU(i watched this by myself & i hate girlie movies, but this one was a tearjerker like the first time i saw the little mermaid), JUNO, alien vs. predator, WALK HARD!!, sweeny todd, WRISTCUTTERS: A LOVE STORY, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, B MOVIE, hitman (i watched this irie & it was one of the funniest movies this year, but i think it’s suppose to be serious & an action movie right?! it’s real dumb, watch it chink-eyed), beowulf, 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, THE DARJEELING LIMITED!, american gangster, we own the night, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!!!, THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES, king of california (all filmed in canyon country!!) etc… (geez i just realized we watched all these at the theater… and i’m gonna start a movie review… it’ll be funny or obnoxious… so stay tuned 😉 )

when i’m not lazy i’m gonna put up a link for a few cartoons and shorts we’ve done… my comedy troop is having a meeting tomorrow and we’re gonna do a readthrough for a pilot cartoon for adult swin… so excited can’t wait! i let you know more about it in my next blab… so i guess i should shut up for the night… tomorrow… television shows… stay tuned…


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