January 4th is the new 4th of July… a day of independence. okay maybe not, but i was productive!!!

so finally!!! yay! i was finally productive… yesterday me & PB had our comedy troop (noresta productions) come over to go over some new sketches… jeff finally made a really cool intro for our “sketched” cartoons so when it’s up i’ll show you guys… it’s on this really cool site called newgrounds.com where games, cartoons, etc. are made by the subscribers… it’s like funnyordie, but not really… we have 3 up: “pregnancy test” “superbored” and “merry sketchmas”…. 

here’s the link:

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/search/author/sirjeffofshort    go check it out!!!

also, we did some voiceovers for our next sketch so stay tuned for that… we also went over a new pilot cartoon that should be really cute… we are also workin’ on a secret project that i think you guys are gonna really enjoy… it’s interesting cuz’ it’s somethin’ that i think all people will enjoy… super funny. and somethin’ every badass wishes they were a part of… even me. it should be done in the next few months let’s hope… like i said this year me & PB aren’t gonna lag as much and get this show finally on the road… rather than on the couch. another productive thing i did yesterday (you guys will be proud of me) is i finally got my clothes thing up and running… so for all you readers out there remember: this SATURUDAY JANURAY 10 i will finally have the grandopening for ZOMBIEsteez!!!! and if you guys buy somethin’ just to let you know there’s a secret surprise “thank you gift” for every purchase you make… and hey, it might just be better than what you buy… but it’s a secret… so here’s a few pics of stuff bein’ sold:

so check out the store on SATURDAY JANUARY 10!!!!!


so i’m excited about that… hmmmm what else…. today we had to go to PB’s doctor since his brokeass is still broke. broken that is. he can’t really do anything so i just finished my clothes thing & applied for a couple other jobs… and of course, played a little of “little big planet”… but speakin’ of “little big planet”… i was playin’ it really late last night and i was trippin’ out cuz like i said before the graphics are awesome in it, but for some reason last night i felt like it was 3-d or somethin’… i couldn’t stop trippin’ out & i couldn’t focus… it was funny. i laughed. ok. nevermind. where was i goin’ with this???! so my little nephew the grommie was out w/ his friends i guess and fell in some river?! i don’t know. we went to pick him up and since i owed him a late christmas gift we thought we’d get him some pants and socks since he was all soaked and it was freezin’ here today… so here’s my fashion advice for a cold drenched day and for someone that has a broken collarbone… let’s start w/ a little grommie fallin’ into a river:

i love this jean brand for men…. they’re skate brands so they make them comfortable enough to move around in and durable enough to fall in… my little nephew jc was so drenched and i felt bad so we bought him the off-black emerica jeans… they are cute and perfect for anytime of year. especially after fallin’ into a river. a pair of socks is always good too… i know some of you boys don’t like wearing socks, but i recommend you do. you know why?! cuz with or without socks. you guys have a distinct smell on thems feet…

active ride shop: i love their socks… a bit overpriced, but they last long and are a comfortable knit… i hate the elastic in some socks… but these ones are good…

a windbreaker comes in handy on those wet days… just remember to bundle up and wear a longsleeve underneather because although windbreakers help you stay dry, they’re never warm enough for winter nights in my opinion… i’m cold-blooded like a snake so i need to stay warm with alot of layers… like a flannel or whatnot… now for a brokeass. and i don’t mean someone with no money… i mean someone with a broken collarbone… you need something you could get in and out of quickly…

FLANNELS, BUTTON-UPS & HOODIES: this is perfect to get in and out of… it’s great especially if you’re not able to lift your arms too high since you’re tryin’ to let your collarbone grow back together… but i guess the advice i’ve just given is common sense… my apologies… i just like clothes. and i like givin’ you fellows some steez advice, but now for the women… here’s my look of the day:

BLACK BEANIE: for a cold winter’s day/night a beanie comes in handy to keep your little ears warm, plus for a manic monday where you wish it were a sunday, you can wake up rinse off and not worry about washing or doin’ your hair… it makes dirty hair look like sexy hair… i love this collection…

alexander wang is one of my favorite designers… i wish i had these outfits… especially the long skirt and pants!!!

i guess its getting a bit late and i should get back to reading and handlin’ some poop… not literal. okay… sweet dreams all and i’ll annoy you guys again soon with my non informative information…


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