Sorry for the delay on blahs and blahs…

so it’s been pretty busy… not really, but really… i try. it’s been just really “busy” sewing, finding new clothes, sketching some clothes (cuz i’m thinkin’ i wanna do a fashion runway for my birthday!!! what do you guys think??!),

writing some shorts, trying to do a 2nd draft on our 1st draft, putting more ideas down, getting a portfolio together, learning more bout my photoshop and my new camera, goin’ on interview after interview, catchin’ up on some good flicks and then also some old ones, and so on and so forth…. so remember how i was tellin you guys i started that internship and whatever. well they called me once to come back and… and? that was it i guess. i never came back after the first week. maybe i just suck and that’s why they just didn’t care to have me back… or maybe it’s cuz i didn’t answer my phone for a coupladays???! ah well. that’s life eh?!

anyhow… booooring. lo siento.

i know. hey. i’m just tryin’ to catch you guys up… so what else? last friday i went to dinner w/ one of my closest friends (well the only other person i talk to besides farley) from highschool brown, and we just grabbed sushi and hung out for a few hours outside of the restaurant after and just reminisced… it’s funny the way things work in life. we hadn’t seen each other for over a year, but we talk every so often on the phone to stay in touch and update each other on life… we met up because she’s getting married in september!!! so congrats to the lovely couple bobby & brown! that’s funny. bobby brown get it?! no?! nevermind.

options for ya!

welp back to the blah above… she asked me if i still talk to anyone and what’s new and what not. i was tellin’ her how it’s wierd that i don’t talk to people anymore from school and when i go on facebook or myspace that’s the only times i ever “bump” into people… or see them somewhere around town. but then i go on facebook and see everyone, and everyone else still talks to one another… it’s wierd. not bad, but i wish i had that too… i was tellin’ her it kinda saddens me, but at the same time i was a dork in highschool and was a loner back then and still loner now. i guess things and people don’t change right??? [side note: someone on oprah once said that by the age of 2, the personality one has at that age will remain their personality for the rest of their lives] i believe that. people mature, but people’s personalities don’t change. off subject. i know. where was i goin’ with this???! oh yeah. highschool. so when i was tellin’ roxanne she was like, “well… i don’t either. the only person i talk to is you, carly, and andrea…” i was like “ok. that makes me feel better. not really, but do i really give a fuck if i still talk to anyone from school??! not really. why?! cuz i love the friends i have now… cuz’ when i was in highschool i didn’t dress or act the way i did growing up and felt like i had to ‘blend’ in just cuz that’s how everyone from saugus dressed and i just didn’t want to be noticed or talked about and that kept me from the popularity and cliques in highschool… but now that we’re outta school i’ve finally gone back to myself… my personality that i hid for quite sometime has been unlocked once again…” she started laughing. saying that’s sooo true. i didn’t mind how i dressed, but i didn’t feel like i was fully me. i surfed so i dressed more like that,

but in junior high i was more into grunge and the whole hesher look and then i went through this “chunte” rockabilly wierdish odd phase for like a semester in jr. high and wore dark lipstick… but hey. anyone reading this my age know they did the same shit…

my heart.

this picture just reminds me of 6-8th grade… ah the memories.

i kinda had a similar lipstick. hahaha. not quite as extreme tho. and not quite as scary. no sharpie used either.

it’s wierd how people are in highschool. teens care so much to be popular. they care so much to fit in and sometimes it effects people in a negative way… and some people never change. even outta highschool they still want to feel popular. they still think the “cool kids” are still the “cool kids.” they say they “bumped” into each other in town at some local bar, but at the same time if they didn’t want to why stay in town?! the bros are still bros. the clique is still clicky. and then there are some that do grow outta that phase and want more in life than just what our little town can offer and to those who do look outside the box (aka our town) more power to you and much respect. i’m not sad. cuz’ really when i let myself go back to the passions i’ve had since i’ve been growing up (film/fashion/music/art/comedy/surfing/skateboarding/etc.)

it makes me appreciate it more. when i met PB i was back to normal and found someone that loved the same shit as me and it was a great friendship that’s blossomed into something special and keeps growing. i love it. him. and thems. thems be the compadres. and then we worked at 118 together and from there our lives just changed…

we met great friends with similar personalities & humor & interests and it’s been a long fun exciting ride ever since… so to you my friends. i love you. and can’t wait to grow old with you guys. and smoke lots of weed and yell at kids and just be dumb still together… and accomplish life together. so in a few years remember this: we’ve only just begun… and shall we meet again… i sound so lame and this is kinda embarassing, but it’s been written so i’ll keep it… til’ another boring story… this. is. the. end. to. this. one.


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  1. Wow, incredible blog format! How long have you been blogging for? you make running a blog glance easy. The overall glance of your site is excellent, let alone the content material!

    1. Thanks for the compliment that’s real nice to hear… I like writing and it’s a place to write my thoughts, interests, passions & other blahblahblahgs… Hope you visit my blah’g again =)

  2. Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you However I am experiencing issue with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting identical rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

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