FANBOYS review:

so last night was kinda crazy for me and PB… sorry for delay on dumb blahs of mine, but i’ve just been trying to get my life back together cuz’ it keeps crumbling more and more each day… wow. that was lame. hahaha. no but really. life sucks right now. i’m kiddin’ hahaha. not tryin’ to self-loathe like i usually do, just telling the truth… life sucks but it’s fun. it’s an adventure so who fuckin’ cares where it goes right???! and you must always remember that everyone has a hard time so make the best of every situation in life… “this too shall pass.” wow. ok. anyhow. my last job was fuckin’ lame… DEBORAH L#!&*@%!… that’s all i gotta say… she’s like the tinman, but not good at singing and not nice like him… so she would be more like his bizarro other just like in superman… if you’re wondering what the fuck i mean by this… ask and i shall tell… and you guys know i can tell for awhile so for now… let’s leave it at that…

if you’re a buyer and come across this here’s a warning: DON’T BUY FROM HER!!! i won’t put it all out there so if you’re wondering why email and i’ll “keep it real”… where was i goin’ with this??! i always start with some random lame shit that has nothing to do with the topic… wow i have add. ok. here i go. i’ll try and stay focused… so for these past 3 months i’ve been on a really tight budget. me and PB are still tryin’ to move out to hwood, but after losing my job it’s been hard to get another job on a movie doin’ wardrobe. so i tried to start my own business, but wow that’s another full length feature that i wouldn’t recommend for you to watch. my life is at a wierd part of the rollercoaster. it’s boring but not the part before the first drop it’s more like the part where it’s goin’ in circle after circle after circle. but i like it 🙂 patience. i’m tryin’ it. ok i’m tryin’ to find a job, but it’s hard and with everyone losing their jobs these past few months it’s been real competitive and difficult to even find a job in the same career path … ok. so since i’ve been broke i’ve just been making clothes and rather than go out every night to watch a movie, we’ve just been renting movies or catching up on our seinfeld dvds…

so this weekend we rented MYSTIC RIVER & MAX PAYNE

PB never saw mystic river and i haven’t seen it since it was in the movie theater so we got it… ok. let me first just say max payne. wow. that was funny. PB fell asleep and he loves movies. it was okay. i love mila kunis and mark wahlberg is good, but in reality i would rather play the game for 2 hours than watch it again… it was a great concept, but some of it was just annoying. it was too obvious and if you’re gonna do a videogame movie, how’s about make it more action pack eh?! it was ok. i didn’t hate it. i can’t remember if i liked it. but it’s ok. i remember saying that. back to mystic river. if you’ve seen it you know it’s pretty intense. not really intense, but it’s a good storyline. it keeps you questioning who is who and what is what and what will be, will it be??! yeah. some shit like that. but we watched that saturday night and on sunday we get a call from our friend E. he calls all concerned actin’ all worried cuz he went skating with our friend G and they went down to chinatown to skate some ledges and lost eachother for 2-3 hours. he was actin’ like somethin’ happened and it got us worrying… if that’s how parents feel. then dad. mom. sorry. i feel ya. so then E was gonna try callin’ G’s cell again cuz he said it was off and skate down to Gs car. PB told E he was gonna call him if he didn’t here from him in 5 mins. 20 mins pass and no call. PB tries callin’ E and his phone was off… long story short. we get ready and about to leave town cuz’ it had been  2 1/2 hours after we 1st heard from them and PB calls Gs phone. it’s on. they got put in a poe’s car for misunderstanding… ah well. PB just kept sayin’ “there are bad people out there… i’m freakin’ out man.” and it was just a big fuckin’ ordeal that maybe if we didn’t watch that fuckin’ mystic river, we wouldve just waited for a call. theyre big boys. we were just stupid. we get into movies just a bit too much. oh well. atleast that got us to all go out to see FANBOYS…

finally we’re actually on the right topic now. so we go to see FANBOYS which is only playin’ in selected theaters, but man that’s a good movie. the humor is not the same as pineapple express or superbad cuz’ it’s PG13, but it came out great… it should’ve come out a few years ago, but there was a delay cuz of how the storyplot ended up and changed a few things. but man i felt them. it’s a cute and funny comedy showing the real dedication of FANBOYS. i’m a fangirl so watchin’ this made me think “man i can’t wait for comic-con again…” but check it out. go watch it. the acting is great and i thought i didn’t like that dan fogler guy,

but he’s probably my favorite character in this… and there’s cameo galores: craig robinson, seth rogen, i forget who else, but there’s lots. it’s sweet. some things go off to some other random storyplot, but i guess it needs that drama for kids and that morals shit and you know that other stuff movies have. so i liked it. watch it. it’s great. and if you love STAR WARS too. you’ll totally feel em’…

okay you over this blah blah blah??! yeah me too. good night.


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