Valentine’s day with the love of my life… PB… and Patti Smith of course

so usually i’m not really into holidays… a holiday is just another day, the only difference is is that it has a special name or somethin’ special happened on that day… just like teacher’s day. but if there’s a teacher’s day shouldn’t there be a lawyer’s day, a doctor’s day, a happy day, a sad day, a wierd day, a day’s day, a “i don’t know what i wanna be yet, but soon i’ll know or i do know i just gotta get modivated to accomplish that dream job” day, an “i was born on this day” day… oh wait. that’s a birth day. i don’t really celebrate those. anyhow… back to valentine’s day… so PB surprised me by taking me to santa barbara… at first i was like “awww how cheesy, yet romantic. dinner and hangin’ out with some friends. that’ll be fun. we never go out that way. i could go surf.” so i was excited. but come to find out we weren’t doin’ dinner 😦 then i was like damnit. are we just gonna drink?! i can’t drink. i’m allergic. ah well. will still be with friends. but no. that wasn’t it. no dinner?! i eat alot i need my daily routine of eating atleast 5 times a day. hmmm. okay. well?! we’re goin’ to ucsb?! to party?! yuck i hate parties, especially with strangers and college partygoers at that. on campus?! geez so many bros and fraternities. wow. so excited. not really. we get there. and meet up with S & A & AB for sushi.

wow. we drove out here for sushi?! well i guess it’s good cuz were with friends. but goin’ to ucsb to party. on valentine’s day?! geez i’m as excited as i would be for the jonas brothers on 3d. great. so we get to the campus and what do ya know.

walkin at ucsb…

a poster in the front of this conference room. for who? patti mothafuckin’ smith that’s who…

and if you know me… i’ve loved her since highschool, but my parents were so strict i never got to go to any punk or local concerts/shows til’ i was 18…

antsy to get in… we missed the 1st song so we had to wait in anticipation… we could hear her it was so exciting, but while we waited there was this beautiful painting as tall as the wall and ceiling it was beautiful… anyhow.

and of course she rarely played. or i’d miss when she was in town. but tonight. was the night… i couldn’t believe it. and it wasn’t a concert. it was a night to tribute allan ginsberg the poet of all poets (besides my all time favorite mark twain),

but it was awesome. patti smith read poetry and sang songs and i just couldn’t believe.

we were so close to her! and it was great cuz’ while she was on stage our friend AL was sitting in the front row talkin’ to her in between sets… she rejected him, but to even be spoken to by her is somethin’ to remember.

AL could one day tell his grandkids that he was once turned down by patti smith… it was a great experience. she is one of oldest punk rockers of all time… i love her. so look her up and start listening. she is great. amazing. the coolest voice ever. and live is even better! and to PB: thank you so much. that’s somethin’ that i will never forget. you’re the best. that was the most romantic thing ever. i love you.


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