majestic theater…

so it’s been forever since i last wrote… wow it’s been busy… i’ve been workin pretty much 12-15 hour days for the past 2 weeks and it’s been all worth it… fatigue, but worth it… i’ll tell you in another blog…. but i never had the chance to tell you guys about goin’ to majestic theater… so after valentine’s day the next week me, PB and a few other compadres went and saw Danzig…. first off, the majestic theater in ventura  generally is beautiful… supposedly it’s haunted… people say that a former burlesque or ballet dancer had hung herself there and that sometimes you can hear her dancing and singing… i’ve been in the majestic theater before when its been empty and it’s very eerie… that could be cuz i’m a chicken shit too and i hear things just to freak myself out…

anyhow. so we’ve been trying to go to alot of shows to catch up and danzig was playin and i was so excited… so many times i’ve tried to go and there was always something already scheduled, but this time it was great… it was a few of our first times so it was good to go with some friends… it was amazing and danzigs even better in person… you gotta see him… but before he performed there were a few other bands before him… mike vallely’s band played… at first i was like “he has a band?! that’s wierd!” my friends said he wasn’t good and that he should stick to skateboarding, but when he played we were all shocked to see how awesome he was… some people are just multi-talented… fuckers. haha.

oh and that reminds me… he was in paul blart: mall cop… google it it’s pretty funny… and not only is he good on a board, stage, movie camera, that fool is crazy in the boxing ring… or not even a ring, but on a street… i wouldn’t talk shit to him that’s for sure… check this youtube out…

but back to danzig… he was awesome… my neck hurt for 2 weeks from dancing too much in the pit, but well worth it… if you haven’t seen him live… please please please do… and if you see me there… kick me in the shin and push me into the mosh if i’m not in it already and i’ll know it was you! thanks!

and just to let you know he’s the new “rock of love”… how wierd and sad is that?!?! but as sad as i am he’s doin’ something so lame… i’m gonna watch… it’s gonna be called “satan’s bride”… and now i’ll end with a creep danzig video… 


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