southwest… what’s your problem?!

so as you all may know, im a very big fangeek. my boyfriend and i like to think we are the fangeeks of the fans and geeks. i am a fan of everything from skateboarding to surfing, music to fashion, comics to fabrics, films to writers, twats to tweets, but most importantly ethics to morals… if you haven’t heard the news yet (which means you probably aren’t reading this because this is internet junk that accumalates no readers, but my useless thoughts) kevin smith was degrated by southwest airlines. here is a bit of the story (copied and not written by me):

Hollywood directors have long been known to throw their weight around to get what they want. But over the weekend, on a Burbank-bound Southwest Airlines flight, indie auteur Kevin Smith took that cherished convention to a new extreme.

The plus-sized writer-director behind such potty-mouthed comedies as “Clerks,” “Dogma” and 2008’s “Zack & Miri Make a Porno” was kicked off a plane at Oakland International Airport on Saturday, allegedly because the captain deemed Smith’s obesity a “safety risk” to other passengers.

Nothing happens inside a vacuum with Smith, one of the entertainment industry’s most online-savvy operators — a guy with over 1.6 million Twitter followers and the propensity to channel righteous indignation, as well as his own frequent humiliations, into 140-character dispatches. And the director managed to turn a small dust-up into headline news around the globe.

Once inside the airport terminal, he went on the offensive, needling Southwest in a barrage of tweets.

“I broke no regulation, offered no ‘safety risk’ (what was I gonna roll on a fellow passenger?),” Smith wrote on Twitter Saturday. “I was wrongly ejected from the flight . . . ” Less than an hour later, he tweeted: “Hey @SouthwestAir! Look how fat I am on your plane! Quick! Throw me off!” — and attached a camera phone photo of himself onboard a later flight.

Although the director has so far declined all media requests, Smith has used almost every Information Age tool available — his blog, social networking websites, a podcast and the 24-hour news cycle’s insatiable churn — to conflate a personally embarrassing ordeal into a larger contretemps about society’s alleged mistreatment of overweight people.

Southwest ultimately tweeted a response that expressed regret, but restated its seating policy, which would appear to place the blame back in Smith’s, uh, lap.

The predicament (that some ‘Net wags have taken to calling “Fatgate”) provides Smith a windfall of exposure at a transitional time in his career — namely, just before Smith’s new action-comedy, “Cop Out,” reaches theaters Feb. 26. Starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, it’s the first feature in the Independent Spirit Award winner’s 16-year career for which he served as director but did not write his own script. Worse, many in the entertainment industry have consigned Smith to “movie jail” after his last few films failed to launch at the box office.

For his part, the director continues to use the Tweet Deck to deny that Fatgate is any kind of promotional stunt. “Sometimes it baffles me how little people think things through,” Smith tweeted Sunday. ” ‘Free Publicity!’ = 200 new articles declaring I’m fat. Yay, me. Epic win.”

Just before the release of his comedy “Zach & Miri Make a Porno,” in 2008, Smith suffered a similarly ignominious weight-related humiliation. “I broke a toilet,” he said at the time. “That’s how heavy I am.”

okay okay. we get it. you fuckers think he’s fat. yeah he’s on the thick side and fat is defined differently by everyone, just like beauty and ugly are defined differently as well; but what pisses me off is that THINGS NEED TO BE MADE RIGHT by southwest airlines for their fault in creating an incident that could have been cleared up by now if they just took their heads out of their asses and said, “we at southwest airlines take full responsibility for the incident that has happened to mr. smith and are sincerely apologetic for our wrongful doing and poor judgment and will work on our behavior towards our customers in the future. we will correct the problem and make things right. we will make sure that this misunderstanding will not happen again to anyone else…”(that’s what i would have said if i were linda) but no. everyone at southwest airlines (including linda), and most people reading what had happen, seem to think it’s smith’s fault for being overweight…he is a hugable bear, but not really a bear. but more like a cub you wanna snuggle up w/ by a campfire (if cubs really snuggled w/out scratching or biting the shit outta a human). HE WAS NOT TOO BIG FOR THE fuckin’ SEAT! HE FIT! HE WAS ABLE TO PUT HIS SEATBELT ON W/ NO PROBLEMS AND NO EXTENDER. THINGS NEED TO BE MADE RIGHT… on his second flight another person was harassed and “taken aside” to speak to. the woman was “advised” to buy an extra ticket in the future, when in fact she was able to fit in her seat as well…. why should someone pay for an extra seat for their body “size.” airlines should have the decency to leave a seat open if someone is a bit “overweight” because its unfair to those who can’t help but be a bit “cubby” or “curvy” genetically… just like those who might genetically be “lengthy” or “petite”… and if THERE is such a problem with no arm room then maybe seats should be assigned or altered in size…

okay. now again. is being overweight a crime?! some people are genetically thicker while others are genetically skinny. so is that a crime. should we call all “thicker” people “fatfucks that eat too much” and skinny people “drugged up crackheads or anorexic chainsmokers”? NO!!!! why?! because that’s just flat-out prejudice and morally unethical. it’s easy to lose weight for some and its very difficult for others. some people obsess about their looks, while others praise what they have. in my opinion, every person should love themselves. no matter what. end of story. and with that said. we should like all others. no matter what. hates such a strong word. dislike? better but not better than like or accept. story again. end…. well… unless someone’s like the bad guy in “Seven” with them seven deadly sins all up in his grill. then. kill the fuck… off topic-

i suffer from bdd (body dysmorphic disorder) and when my boyfriend told me about what had happened to k.smith i was livid. i feel that people forget about other people’s feelings and forget that there are times when one’s attitude could truely affect an individual and tramautize someone for life. that’s a whole other story that i won’t go into details on right now, but it just makes me wonder about people. i’ve had people call me ugly, bighead, crackhead looking, bug eyes, manly chin etc. and have tried to forget about those incidents, but somehow they are imprinted in my mind and taunts me almost everyday. for that to happen to k.smith and especially the girl (not especially, but i feel ya girl!) it breaks my heart that what southwest airlines did, was not only humiliate the poor folk, but possibly scarred them to the point of feeling obesse. creating insecurities that might’ve not been there before and will now remain in his head as something that had happened in the past and maybe a worry that it may happen again in the future. he might even later think it’s his fault because of how people are taking this not as serious as it should be. it should be corrected. THE PEOPLE AT SOUTHWEST INVOLVED NEED TO BE PUNISHED. i don’t mean whipt or sentenced to life. but people need to fess up, give kevin smith a gold chain and a matching gold private jet. IT WASN’T KEVIN SMITH’S FAULT. it was disrespectful. it was humiliating. it was not k.smith’s fault. it was unethical. it’s not right. so should he have to get liposuction or his stomach stapled to get approval by southwest  so they give him the respect that really any individual should receive in any situation? no. why? cuz everyone should be happy with who they are and loved for who they are. no one should choose how a person lives their life. happy is happy. if they’re not affecting your life, don’t affect theirs. and again. he fit the seat without an extender. he fit.

kinda off subject but plastic surgery has become such a trend and is like going to a candystore nowadays, it’s no big deal. i’ve always wanted it since having bdd,which started when i was 11 and therapy not curing my problem, but can’t afford it and still go back and forth on whether i want it, or if i’m doing it for respect towards those who think i’m ugly. respect is important. but this respect i ask for is probably wrong. people never talk about having plastic surgery if it’s not that big of a change, they’ll act like it never happened. some may say it’s good a person got the surgery cuz they “look so great now.” while others frown upon surgery when they know a person’s had it, even though that same frowner was the same person talking shit about how ugly that person once was (these aren’t real-life situations, i’m just saying…) again. people should love & respect themselves and others no matter what. i grew up in a really strict catholic home where my mom said if a person punches you you say “thank you”, but now i have created my own religion i like to call “post-modern catholic” where if a person punches me i say “what are you doing?!” while i shake them to the point of wondering why they punched me… an individual’s attitude towards someone can really affect that person’s life. people should give the respect that they would want back. SOUTHWEST, YOU NEED TO GIVE BACK THE RESPECT. K.SMITH IS NOT SUEING, SO YOU SHOULD PUT THE TRUTH OUT THERE. SOUTHWEST. IT’S NEEDS TO BE FIXED!!!

there’s some people in society that may not think they’re vain, but in reality too many people judge people by their looks. you’ll hear people joke on tv or films about surgery. like today i heard on some show a young blonde girl say “well people shouldn’t be ugly or fat these days… i mean we have surgery. there’s no reason for unattractiveness…” this was from a family tv show. and it’s suppose to be funny. i mean really. what are we teaching our kids. hey kids “don’t judge a book by it’s words, if the cover looks lame, well then it is…”

i know that southwest is probably afraid of k.smith sueing but like he said, it’s not about money. it’s about how unapologetic they were about a predicament that would have never happened if it weren’t for some mishaps, which all these mishaps were created not by smith, but southwest. when smith boarded the flight, he and the lady jokingly spoke about the comfort of their seats and being able to pull the arms down. they were comfy and tryin to make the best of the flight. i’m not saying that it’s easier for men to deal with their insecurities, but women take it as their own faults and begin to believe that they are unattractive and feel less of a human-being. why? because of the people who “think” they’re human beings, when really they’re the ones putting down others just to make themselves feel more secure about who they are. like the superheroes in the comic “the boys”… they look like regular superheroes saving the world when in fact, they are the instigators of problems and violence in this world… and they like to fuck too much. it’s wierd. so i guess the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” really means “hey don’t assume things, make sure your thoughts are valid.” i hate this saying, but it’s the truth “the customer is always right.” and with what just happened to k.smith. that saying is true.

i keep talking about me; and i apologize, but i try and put myself in smith’s position and can’t even imagine how upset and at the same time how sad i would be. upset cuz people are inconsiderate and don’t pay attention to what smith has been saying the whole time, which is that HE DIDN’T NEED AN EXTENDER, NOR DID HE NEED 2 SEATS because HE FITS IN ONE SEAT. and that HE BUYS 2 SEATS WHEN HE FLIES SOUTHWEST cuz IT’S CHEAP & HE COULD AFFORD IT SO WHY NOT IF YOU COULD, and cuz WHEN HE FLIES W/ HIS WIFE, IT GIVES THEM THE EXTRA SPACE to cuddle and spoon (last part im assuming, my words. not his). the 2 ladies he sat in between, didn’t seem to mind either. and if they did, well then let him sit on the aisle or by the window. is it that hard to move?! no. could he have made the flight uncomfortable for anyone?! no. so why was he a problem for southwest? cuz he’s too big?! no! it’s because people are power trippers and prejudice in their own ways without realizing they’re superior-addicted and prejudice towards others. SOUTHWEST SHOULD FEEL not only obligated, but feel BAD FOR THEIR POOR JUDGMENT and CREATING A PROBLEM THAT NEVER WOULD HAVE OCCURED if they just LET HIM FLY. there’s no reason he shouldn’t have flew on that flight. if southwest could humiliate the guy in front of everyone that was flying, they should have at least taken a poll “raise your hands if you think he’s too big to fly? raise your hands if he should have bought another seat? no?! okay mr. smith our apologies, buckle up…” okay okay not like that, but fuck man it’s annoying. i can’t tell you enough. although i’m upset and i feel for the poor guy and gal, in reality this situation will probably never be resolved. why? because people will always want to think they’re right even when wrong, and people will always take a side just because their morals are different to others. k.smith even said he wouldn’t sue them, yet they still can’t give him the apology he deserves by making things right… i mean come on now what the fuck?! give him the apology. let people know it was your fault southwest. and please please please, don’t let this happen again. i mean good thing (not a good thing, but…) this happened to k.smith because atleast he has a following and people could hear the truth about southwest and he could spread the word about how southwest mistreats their customers and let others that this happened to in the past, not feel so alone. it shouldn’t happen to anyone. but this probably will occur again. everything in life is a lose-lose and win-win situation. you are too big, you need an extra seat. you are too small and wanna share a seat with another person cuz you both are brokeasses, you cant. you aren’t too big, but southwest will assume you are. you are too small, but southwest ain’t gonna call you out. win-lose lose-win… i guess life is like a bottle of zen. ying & yang. good and annoying… on that note: i’m irie -eyed. my apologies. hope this makes sense.

P.S. what’s revenue? can someone ask that guy that for me? i don’t get it. think that guys racist towards revenue. i wanna hear that guy’s definition. plus. suzanne’s retarded. she’s ettiquetely disable.


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