Adjustment Bureau’d

What if there were really an Adjustment Bureau, Would they be the villain or the hero, Not giving us really any choice, Playing with us  as if  we're toys, Does that mean our fate is written, Even Eve when the apple was bitten, Or can we make it our own way, A destiny we choose... Continue Reading →


“Another Day, Another Night”

Love is like art, Sometimes farts, and sometimes art, It's passion lives so happily, In art's a part of that we weave, We laugh & smile throughout the days, Yet come those times we wish to wash away, And that is love & also life, This art it is we share called life, We try... Continue Reading →

I wanna write… I am a writer.

I keep telling myself................ Let me rephrase that... I keep asking myself: Am I destined to be a writer? Are we here for a specific reason? Or is it that all we are supposed to know is to live each day happy, to the fullest and blessed without worry of what's to come tomorrow? Is... Continue Reading →

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