“Another Day, Another Night”

Love is like art,

Sometimes farts, and sometimes art,

It’s passion lives so happily,

In art’s a part of that we weave,

We laugh & smile throughout the days,

Yet come those times we wish to wash away,

And that is love & also life,

This art it is we share called life,

We try & dissect this world of art,

For art is love and sometimes farts,

When things do stink please do not fear,

The stench will leave so you can cheer,

Remember that it’s worth the paint,

For to brush love’s canvas you may fly like saints,

So this i say forget this & that,

Let love be love & love for that,

We all know about the word perfection,

It’s a myth that could not happen,

But if that word may somehow be true,

That’s when i’ll ask advice from God’s homie tom cruise,

But when i talk to tom will he say to me,

“Art is love, life & the art we breathe,”

Or will he say “to be perfect is to be happy,”

For perfect is more like a movie or melody,

For love like art sings high & low,

What sound comes out we don’t always know,

Or will he say “that you must pay,

A debt of stress to be perfect,”

For some love is the hardest art to play,

Some love & art can be a game,

To draw it out might be hard to do,

For it can be hard to express so some bid adieu,

Superior some may think they are,

To some alone they think too far,

Then there are those who cannot love themselves,

For some they care too much about everybody else,

They worry sometimes about feeling unworthy,

And some may say “she’s just faking woe is me”,

But for those let’s share some common advice,

Let go of things that’s small in size,

For worry is not even really that heavy,

Not even close to the worth of less than a penny,

So if you’re paying for worry get another hobby,

Like loving life’s art, and oh yeah love’s free,

It has so much joy & some days turn dark,

But through the trials, we learn from the art,

In which we all live this blessed life…

Another Beautiful Day, Another Beautiful Night


-Marie-Bernadette’s Bored… and wants to be an artist & poet… so now i continue to pursue writing best of luck i hope it hahaha. yes dorks’R’us.

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