“Motorcycle Diaries”

"Motorcycle Diaries" They're a tough gang, They're a rough posse, To a prospect, They might seem a bit bossy, Outlaws they are, Harleys they ride, Commited they are, Until the day that they die, Anarchy they follow, Sons they will be, Living a life so intriguing to me, Descendents from hell, Angels┬ásome called, MC's that... Continue Reading →


Kill Them All

"I'm Pretty Content" If all else fails, Kill them all, If there's tales, Fuck em all, Opinions we have, Let's all agree, Each same thoughts, Let's disagree, How boring it'd be, If that were true, Why be individuals, If I were the same as you, Human Nature, Commonality, Life's born each, Individuality, Accept who you... Continue Reading →

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