Kill Them All

“I’m Pretty Content”

If all else fails,

Kill them all,

If there’s tales,

Fuck em all,

Opinions we have,

Let’s all agree,

Each same thoughts,

Let’s disagree,

How boring it’d be,

If that were true,

Why be individuals,

If I were the same as you,

Human Nature,


Life’s born each,


Accept who you are,

Do not hate,

 Life’s too short,

For stupid shit,


For no reason,

There’s also envy,

Creating treasons,

Believe in you,

That’s all that matters,

Fuck the world,

Of those that chatter,

If people talk,

Good-Bad of you,

Take it as it is,

Nothing you can do,

Yes there’s haters,

Think they know you,

Secret Admirers,

In denial it’s true,

Fact is we’re different degrees,


We each can be,

Differs for all,

Be content,

That’s my advice,

Never regret,

Or kill em all,

Maybe once or twice

Fuck the hate,

Just live your life.



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