“Motorcycle Diaries”

“Motorcycle Diaries”

They’re a tough gang,

They’re a rough posse,

To a prospect,

They might seem a bit bossy,

Outlaws they are,

Harleys they ride,

Commited they are,

Until the day that they die,

Anarchy they follow,

Sons they will be,

Living a life so intriguing to me,

Descendents from hell,

Angels some called,

MC’s that are proud,

And show it so bold,

Top Rocker,

Bottom Rocker,

Patches they wear,

Family they are,

Yet some mistreated unfair,

People will judge,


Abiding by law,

Some disagree,

Some with tough pasts,

Some can’t forget,

Some are so caring,

Some care to regret,

Some go by filthy,

There’s quite or just a few,

Don’t do them any harm,

And they’ll keep their distance from you,,

And if you join,

Don’t ever rat,

Karma’s a bitch,

Erased life may write back,

Don’t get me wrong,

I respect both sides of the law,

But opinions in me,

Say all for one & one for all.



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