This Is Not Cheesy Shut Up

You're stupid, You're smart, You smell good, Like a fart, You're pretty, You're vain, You're great, You're a pain, I want you, I don't, I need you, I won't, Make me laugh, Make me mad, You're amazing, You're sad, You're strong, You're too weak, You're sober, You tweak, I love you, I hate you, It's... Continue Reading →


Smile of the Moment

This made me laugh when I found this... I'm telling you... we need "Black Card" Driver's Licenses for those drivers that drive the most safe... and yet might drive the most fast... Yes. I do believe I fall into the latter category. #ProudToBeAnAsianGirlDriverWithExcellentDrivingSkills #NoImNotMsImportant #ImMsGreatDriverTho

Quote of the Day

“One of the lessons of history is that Nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say.” ~Will Durant

Wednesday Addams & Joel Glicker

Oh Wednesday cheer up... Joel is only proving that there are some men out there like him that aren't cheaters... and that not all men are chauvinist pigs... I guess I understand the pity. For men don't get the once a month moodswings like we do, which unfortunately for them they have to deal with... Continue Reading →

Needed Repair

I need a repair, I'm a bit broken, I don't work at all, Can't work with a token, It's hard to be fixed, Can't figure it out, Things seem to be missed, Object had been clout, My heart needs to tighten, A hammers too hard, It might be shattered, With pieces so shard, Even if... Continue Reading →

Guilty Conscious

Do you ever feel guilty sometimes??? I don't mean because you've done something wrong & feel bad for doing it, I mean feel guilty for choices that weren't yours & decisions you had no place to make? My conscious is so frustrating sometimes to deal with. I can't control the pain that goes on in... Continue Reading →

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