Mothernature is tired.

The trees are shivering,

They cry for help,

Water came & spoke to them,

The trees ignored her,

Where is Mother???

So there can be peace & love,

Mother are you crying???

She cried for help,

She felt so weak,

She was beaten up,

Bruised & could not breathe.

She’s been kicked multiple times,

For many many years,

For decades & centuries you could say.

Her children didn’t care,

They continued to play,

The kids created cars,

The kids created atomic bombs,

The kids created wars,

The kids continued playing so wrecklessly,

Mother just wanted to rest.

Mother couldn’t always clean her children’s mess,

For it became so dirty that it stained the zone,

Mother scrubbed but couldn’t wash away all the poison, all the toxins, all the dirt, all the gloom.

The mess the children created was too much for Mother to clean all by herself.

Without the help of her kids the mess worsened,

It keeps worsening,

Will it ever get better???

Even the air they breathe started to be toxic,

Mother cannot do it on her own,

She needs your help,

Help clean up,

Mothernature begs it of you,

The world needs your help.



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