I don’t follow football and don’t know too much about it. I should cuz my parents are hardcore sports fans. But me? Not so much. Kinda. But not much. I like it when I watch it, but unfortunately with a sport like American Football, my A.D.D. gets the best of me and I am easily distracted. A piece of lint can somehow become my focus and take on my attention where my mind starts to wonder into space thinking, “where and when did this piece of lint become such a large mass of dust hugging solid form?” Yeah… anyhow… here’s a few things I DO KNOW ABOUT THE AMERICAN SPORT that has become somewhat of a holiday to the fellow citizen:

I know they use the above… Not the hot chick you creeps I mean the little thingy that’s made of leather that they throw to one another hoping to score… On the field… AND off the field. <—- {this doesn’t apply to all…}

I know that there is a bunch of this going on… touchdowns… offense. defense. 1st’s. and 10’s. blitz’s. tackling. throwing. kicking.  catching. fumbles. formations… and hopefully lots of scores…

And last but not least lots & lots of this… not like that you creeps… I mean lots of trying to keep the other team from moving up in yards… So if you’re watching the Superbowl I hope you’re enjoying it. I am. Kinda…


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