So there’s all this blah’ing going on about how MIA flipped off the camera during the Superbowl Halftime Performance… It’s all over the news & some people are pissed that she did it… really though… is it that big of a deal???


…to me it’s not. I think that people just always want to find something to complain about or make a bigger story than it really has to be. Remember Janet Jackson’s whole stunt with her nipple and stuff in a past Superbowl Halftime show with Justin Timberlake?! She said she did that to distract people away from her brother Michael’s whole ordeal at the time… to me… in my opinion MIA flipping off the camera was just something that happened accidentally and that it wasn’t intentional. She wasn’t trying to prove a point or anything, she was into the performance. If not accidental then maybe the thought of it being on camera in front of the whole country didn’t even cross her mind. She’s an artist. She’s a performer. She dances. Maybe flipping off her own crotch is just something she naturally does when she performs. Was it really that vulgar??? To me, there’s others who have done worse… for instance…


Christina Aguilera performing at Etta James’ Funeral… First off, gross. Second off, Christina you nasty grrrlfriend. See… now that shit dripping from her leg is vulgar and terribly should never be seen by the public. If she knew it was almost that time of the month for her, she should have worn pants. Or underwear!!! Now something like this should be Rated R. No one wants to see that. Ever. Now does flipping off a camera still make some people sick to their stomach? Maybe. But hey… that’s just my opinion.


So I leave you this with this picture… MIA, don’t worry grrrl, I still love you. You flipped off the camera in the sexiest way possible. Christina on the other hand… she needs to learn how to wear some pants… or underwear at the very least! Yeah, shit’s gross.


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