I just realized how much I laaag in life. I keep telling myself I want to blog & I realize I’ve written like 5 posts in the past 4 years. AND THEN 3-4 in the past few days… Wow I can’t keep things on a steady path… Guess it’s just like me… A little bit off… Ah well. I’m gonna try & write more on here… this thingymajingy we like to call blah’ging is more for me an online journal entry place where I can say & think what I want without having any repercussions; only that I may look or sound like a complete dumbass… that’s okay with me… some use blah’gs to put pictures & stuff… I like pictures, but why wouldn’t I just use google to find purrrty pictures of a specific taste… just an opinion… not trying to hate… Especially if you’re a photographer, then duh, I get it… free advertisement… fuck yeah you go photo g’! I’m just saying cut & paste are different from using the keypad for writing out letters (again, excluding aspiring, hobbyist & professional photographers)… if by accident someone comes across this small turf of mine please forgive any annoyance that may occur in your thought process after reviewing these blahblahblahs…  I’m just typing out loud… not trying to offend or sound like a hater, but I’m just speaking my thoughts… I could be wrong. I could be right. but really, who cares… besides, it’s good to just keep practicing my writing. Even if no one’s listening or reading this, but myself. It’s okay. I’m okay with that. Fuck it… Hello Marie-Bernadette how are you?! I’m good, I’m good. And you?! Laaaggin’. Oh Werrrd I feel ya… Yes. I laaag & I’m a re-re. Ah well.


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