Proud Moments of Accomplishing Nothing

I feel proud tonight. Proud about nothing really. I didn’t do too much today, but I had a great productive day full of doing nothing. I do nothing awesomely in fact. I did nothing with my girl cousins all day. We did nothing but dye each others’ hair, order take-out, watch the Lakers vs. Knicks game, laughed, had a few other family & friends over, showed those that hadn’t seen the contest I entered for nothing and spent some quality time talking about nothing with my mom. It was nothing more but a day of doing nothing. I’m fine with doing nothing. To me, everything starts out at first as nothing. First comes nothing, then comes something. That’s just the way it goes. Nothing you can do about it. Nothing else happened today/tonight. I stayed home reading notes about nothing, stories about nothing, articles about nothing but having to do with a little something. Sometimes something is just a whole lot of nothing. Nothing but the truth I tell ya. Anyhow, I like writing about nothing. And since I had nothing else to do, I thought I’d write about the about things I think about. I guess you can see there is nothing to really talk about. Oh well. I guess it’s worth something. I’M NOTHING BUT A WRITER ASPIRING TO WRITE MORE ABOUT THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE… BUT IN TRUTH, IT’S NOTHING YOU SEE…


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