“Do Not’s” for Valentines Day

It’s Valentines Day tomorrow and it’s such a strange holiday… Back then it was a holiday for 3 saints that were martyred for whatever blahblah reasons… Now it’s a day that some strangely hate or strangely are too obsessed with… People hate on it for such reasons as: loneliness, covetousness and/or valid reasons of despair… Then there are those strangely obsessed with it for the sake of desires in which love must be corroborated through gifts, affirmed by materialistic avouchments and/or the need to show proof of ones love… whatever. Not all people, although there are some. It can be a fun holiday I suppose. To me, “its just another day living in the hood, just another day around the way…” I don’t mind it. I just don’t care for it either… It’s fun I guess, but I don’t need one day of proof to show that I am loved or that I love. Everyday I love to love and be loved. Don’t we all??? Anyhow, here’s a few “do not’s” that I think if you are going to celebrate Valentines Day, I wouldn’t use if I were you…

If you’re trying to win someone back on Valentines Day, make sure you don’t harass them or give them an ultimatum of life or death… No one will think that’s cute. Or sane.

This is a pet peeve of mine… I CAN’T STAND people that are in relationships for selfish reasons… If you don’t really like the person your with or don’t even see a future with ’em, don’t be with that person… It’s that fuckin’ simple. We can’t see the future with someone, but we can see how we truly feel about ’em. And this type of Valentines Card will not get you anywhere, maybe into an idiot’s pants, but I’m not sure even if that’ll happen.

This comic doesn’t even make sense… So don’t even try and use it. He got an arrow shot in his head. So what? I don’t get it…

This is funny… but I’m not sure if your loved one will think it is. Sarcasm is great in life. But when it comes to love… some might not get it. I guess its for those that are just in relationships for the sex of it. I mean heck of it. I’m not. So this is a “do not” for me. If I were to receive this, I think I would be a bit perturbed. I’d probably giggle a little bit but then become a moody bitch. Just being honest.

No one wants to receive a card that says “RAPE” on the cover of it… Ever. That is just scary, pervy and downright creepy.

Ladies just don’t use this… I mean if you do… You’ve got more problems than you really can fathom. You shouldn’t be worrying about being in love, you should be worrying more about seeing a gynecologist.

This is super cute and funny… but this isn’t gonna win over someone you like. It might win over a slut or horny dude… but it won’t win someone’s heart. Especially if it’s someone you’ve just met.

Again, funny sarcasm. I like it and it makes me chuckle, but ladies… if you just met the dude, again, don’t give em reasons to think you are promiscuous. People say they hate “games” or playing “hard to get”. But they’re liars. It’s human nature to react to such things. Too much proof that you want to get down & dirrrty with someone you like is okay I guess, but just letting you know… it might just be the getting down & dirrrty you will receive. Not the person’s heart.

No one wants to receive a Valentines Card with ANY of the people from “Jersey Shore”. It goes to show that you like to fist pump as much as them. No ones fond of ‘fist pumpers’. And although Ronnie is my favorite dummy from that show, I wouldn’t give anyone this card. Especially someone that really does steroids. Unless you want to be beaten to a bloody pulp. Then go right ahead.

Again… its okay to date and not have strong feelings for someone. We all don’t know the person we like/love until we really know the person we actually comprehend. But just to let you know, I wouldn’t want to be someone’s Valentine just because they had no one else around. Then again, beggers can’t be choosers. So if you’re begging for a Valentine, go right ahead.

…So I hope this helps…but really I don’t even know if people read my jibberjaber. This really isn’t to help give advice to people about do’s & dont’s of Valentines Day. It’s more of something to laugh at. Cuz really… is anyone that dumb to give such Valentines Day Cards? Well probably. Someone made those for a reason right?! No? Oh okay I get it. It’s sarcasm. Oh. Hahahahaha




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