Vagina Period

So I’ve decided to every so often post a female figure that I either admire, respect or think is a total badass. I’m not a feminist by any means, but in a way I totally am…(can you tell I love oxymorons as much as I love sarcasm?)… Anyhow, although the U.S. (or what I like to call Uhmerica) has grown in ways and has become a more open minded and liberal country; we still are in fact human beings and as a result we still are victims of human nature…

I know I use the term “human nature” often, but I’ll go into further detail about that in another post. I use “human nature” in a broad sense, but most times I’m referring to the ethics & morals, feelings & emotions and/or opinions & assumptions that we each face as individuals living in today’s world. We are unable to control thoughts & feelings because it’s a natural instinct that we have when we come across situations. Human nature affects us in the sense that we all breath and live unknowing of what’s to come and what situations may occur in our daily lives. As a woman, (a human that has breasts & a vagina not a penis & testicles), I face problems in a different fashion from how a man may face his.

We’re alike in that we are Homo sapiens, but women do feel & think very differently than men. Women have more estrogen. Men have more androgens. And although we as humans have to have a certain amount of both hormones, it’s a different amount & different affect on each sex. Therefore the result is “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”

Hahaha just kidding, but really though we are different. So of course, me being a woman, I’m all about Girl Power. I grew up with the Riot Grrrl scene. I’ve always been into punk & what it stands for, which to me is the expression of individuality and standing firm in what one believes in. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a man-hater by any means. I have a boyfriend. And quite frankly he’s the most awesome person ever in my eyes, but then again… he does have a male brain.

And although his brain isn’t exactly as the picture shown above…he’s definitely a masculine dude & not a flamboyant metro that’s for sure. He’s caring and at the same time he’s a male; he doesn’t want to hear me talk about my girlie problems or girlie blahblahblahs (but he’ll listen cuz he’s that sweet). That’s just the difference. We are different in how we socialize, carry ourselves, deal with situations, how we are affected by others, etc. Anyhow… so I’m starting a thing called the “Vagina Period” (meaning “female of the moment” but I thought periods sounded funny w/ vaginas cuz you know how girls every month have…well you get it). I’m gonna pick a female role model that I greatly admire & respect every so often and just show my appreciation & admiration for being a strong role model for our sex and representing women in an ideal fashion. A female that shows that being a woman is waaay more awesome than being a man. (No offense guys and I am ‘kinda’ kidding)…but what do you expect. I AM a WOMAN. Since this is already a long blahblahblah’g, I won’t write too too much more… and so I’ve decided on Kathleen Hanna to be the first of my “Vagina Period”.

Kathleen Hanna is pretty much the creator of the Riot Grrrl scene. Although Riot Grrrl is defined by each person differently, she demonstrates what it means to be tenacious and stands for what she believes in. Kathleen is a writer, activist and musician.

Kathleen was the lead singer of Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and Julie Ruin. I love how open she was with her past and how she had the confidence to say and do anything she wanted when she wanted. She believes in freedom of expression and has been an activist of women’s rights.

Kathleen is someone that has somewhat been a great influence on my life and I respect her and what she stands for. My middle school days wouldn’t be the same without her, Riot Grrrl and fanzines. I salute her on all her cultivating steez. You make not giving a fuck something to give fucks about. Respect.

P.S. She’s also so fockin ill cuz she’s married to the hottyboombotty Adam Horovitz and even helped write some songs on Beastie Boys latest album.

P.P.S. And in addition to her sickness here’s another side note: Kurt Cobain wrote “Smells Like Teen Spirit” after a night of partying with his close buddy Kathleen Hanna. Kathleen wrote on his apartment wall and well… you’ve heard the song.

Kathleen Hanna, I love you. You’re waaay too cool. Stay awesome.


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