Guilty Conscious

Do you ever feel guilty sometimes??? I don’t mean because you’ve done something wrong & feel bad for doing it, I mean feel guilty for choices that weren’t yours & decisions you had no place to make? My conscious is so frustrating sometimes to deal with. I can’t control the pain that goes on in my mind occasionally, but at the same time I can help ease it. I can lessen the worse and grow more of the better. I forget about pros & cons, but really there’s nothing more or less than the other. We live in a place full of ying & yang, good & bad, happy & sad, life & death… that’s just the way it is. The world continues with or without each & everyone of us. It’s something to always remember. We can’t make the choices & decisions for everyone & everything in this world… all we can do is really live in it. For better or for worse… that’s just the way it is. It’s not our choice which way the world turns, but we do have the choice to accept it for what it is.


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