Los Angeles will miss Derek Fisher

It’s sad to hear the news about Derek Fisher today… Lakers have traded Fisher, the point guard who started in three of the five championship Lakers teams he’s played on; with Houston Rockets forward Jordan Hill.

Hill is young & can bring much to the Lakers’ team, but it saddens me that Derek Fisher is the one to be traded. Fisher has been a big part of the fruition in the Lakers both off and on the court… and although his heart of gold doesn’t fix his shortcomings of the past two seasons, its hard to say whether loyalty and money were not a big part of the trade… the trade comes as a three-way deal and in my opinion, is just a money-saving way for Lakers to cache their finances.

Luke Walton’s 2012-2013 contract allowed the Lakers to trade him for Cavs player Ramon Sessions, who will become point guard for the starting lineup.

The Lakers have lost a player that I grew up watching & cheering on… and obtained two young & durable players who can bring alot to the table… let’s just hope the table’s legs aren’t off…

Anyhow… here is the 0.4 shot made by the man almost every Lakers fan will miss… Derek Fisher:


Side note… here’s the text (fictional) Luke Walton sent to his dad Bill:

Luke, I will miss you too… I will miss you passing the ball to everyone and keeping the bench warm… no but seriously though, he had LAL pride and that I respect.


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