Vagina Period

So this is my second “Vagina Period”… If you read the first one you know that my “Vagina Period” doesn’t consist of my whohah cruising through the crimson wave…

…you know it’s a blahblahblahg that I do to show my respect & admiration for women that prove to me that being a woman is just as badass as being a weenis… that women are just as valuable in the world as men (and yes dudes, I will eventually do a “Weenis Genuis” [aka a men’s “Vagina Period”] as well)… I must concede that I have insecurities with women beautiful, funny & smart and it’s difficult to overcome these obstacles of vacillation… but when I take a step back to breathe and take in the serenity of this blessed life of mine; I realize that life isn’t a competition or a place for comparison…

it’s a place to embrace not only what our lives arrangement is in this world, but it’s a place to embrace others that are doing the same exact thing: breathing, relating & discovering what they are meant to pioneer and/or metamorphose into… Although sometimes my self-hatred/depression/laziness and apathetic take on life might be due to jealousy & envy at some points in time, I am able to understand that it’s just part of human nature and that hate or dislike is so much more boring than love or like…

why be an emo if you could be a superhero!

I think especially for woman… we are in such a contest with one another because not only are we fighting for equality for women in a male dominated world, we are antagonist of our own self-esteem… Anyhow… so I’ve decided Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann is a perfect fit for the “Vagina Period”…

Elletra is a young & beautiful individual… she graduated with a degree in International Relations & biomedicine… I truly admire her for all the benevolent work she has accomplished at such a young age… she is the co-founder of

a non-profit organization for special charity projects around the world… she also has created the pop-up restaurant with top NY chefs in New York, Goodness, which promotes healthy food and introduces people to a more nutritional way of eating… her food changes daily and it’s just an awesome yummy thing the glutton in me wishes to experience one day with the dude the next time we visit New York…

not only is she an activist/philanthropist, she is the daughter of actress/model Isabella Rossellini and Calvin Klein model vet Johnathan Weidemann… she has cool parents and even a cool grandma! she’s the grand daughter of classic actress Ingrid Bergman…

she’s one badass chick… she is not only brainy & charitable, she’s a model as well…

So to you Elletra I dedicate this “Vagina Period”… thank you for showing me that there is people of our generation that is still thinking selflessly and giving back to this world that keeps on giving… I salute you dudette!!!

P.S. I’m still jealous of you… but not really jealous… more like zealous.


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