Days That Love You Back

I love those days that love you back,

When black is white & white is black,

Where things done did things do it will,

Of things not wrong song bong my deal,

These days in which are made of light,

Where dark is light and light is sprite,

Those days in which don’t have no hate,

These days of bliss that wants to play,

To go to do to make a state,

To mend to cause to human race,

Where haze not lie in purple thoughts,

Where path is greener in the plots,

Of green good luck good faith good will,

Dispose bad luck bad track bad deals,

Erase those marks that have been made,

For they are gone and do not stay,

Black out side track lost cause lost act,

Where pain pained pains of woe in tact,

Felt touched seen heard things of these days,

Grey grass blue mind nightmare that craves,

No key no answer no time no way,

To tell thy heart to never stray,

From love in which is owned by all,

Its free take much and make love thrall,

To make the most to make it all,

For days like these they do not fall,

The days that love are always here,

So swim the waters and jump the weir,

Filled tabs of acts of things all thoughts,

Pour feelings in touch protect with cots,

Seconds minutes times of zeal,

For days are bold and made of steel,

A strength in which we must all make,

A lift uplift to seek the take,

To make the most to make it right,

The days of which we all unite,

To love let love love will love love,

Those days in which fit like a glove,

Beyond the greater days been made,

Where love has never gone away,

And take the hand of mother earth,

And love thee like a creatures birth,

To walk to wait to understand,

To seek to think to have great plans,

Of days that love that will give back,

Which days are those we can’t keep track,

Track race track marks track meet track trail,

Where place goes gone go away and bail,

Remember that its not days fault,

For wrongs are just a test of halt,

To stop to hate to walk away,

To spend less time in happy state,

Don’t end don’t block the road of yours,

Those days are just a small detour,

For days will always love you so,

Optimist idealist in mist you’ll go,

Cuz days are just a spontaneous act,

They are impulsive and will attack,

To each to all to love no matter what,

Its in great need of love in all of us.



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