Do you ever wonder if you’re “Clueless”?! Well I hate to break it to you… but we all are. Clueless in ways…

…Clueless in life. Towards people & towards ourselves. How you ask??? Well for one thing we don’t always agree to disagree. We’re Clueless in that as people,  we forget that we don’t, nor will we ever, no the “truth” or the precisely correct answer.

Truth being the reality of life and why we are all here. The precisely correct answer suggesting what we’re preordain to do or what’s meant to be done in each & everyone of our lives. Why we’re we born under certain circumstances? Is it part of our fate. Why do we meet who we meet? Is it just ironic. Why do we feel the way we feel? Is it something uncontrollable and part of human nature. Why do we do what we do? Is it part of reincarnation. Some religious folks may think they have the answer, while some atheists may think they know the question. Does God really exist?

To me, there is so much in this world that we cannot obtain all of which we wish to know. It’s even difficult for one just to figure out what they really want to do with their lives. Questioning love, careers, passions, friendships, enemies, fallacies, realities and truth in which we each strive to conquer all, yet can’t find a balance in any. There is a yin & yang to everything.

(Note: I did not make the above picture and that is why Yin is spelled “Ying”…and yes… I mean Yin & Yang, not the Ying Yang Twins) The good always helps us to continue to build up and rise above, whilst the bad gives us strength in which to conquer any collapses and to overcome our inadequacies. The positive keeps us moving forward, whilst the negative helps us to understand trials & tribulations. The male teaches us how to be macho & dominating, whilst the female teaches us to be sweet & powerful. The day gives us light in which we create ideas, whilst the night gives us darkness in which we create art. Active teaches us how it is, whilst passive teaches us how it wants. The sun gives us daylight in which to do the things we choose to, whilst the moon gives us night in which to dream the things we cannot control. Intuitive allows us to take in what we see or encounter, whilst logical allows us to take part and act upon. Hot allows us to feel warmth in our hearts, whilst cold allows us to speak from our thoughts. Hard gives us work & determination, whilst soft gives us leisure & action to move freely.

But even so… I’m just Clueless in what I’ve just said. For being Clueless isn’t in the clothes you wear…

Or how you stare…

Or if you even care…

Clueless is nothing but the reality in which we all must admit to… knowing nothing but to just be. Be what? Well here’s a clue… it’s up to you. So for me, all the clues I’ve encountered up to now has given me one resolution… to be happy… and happy is being me. #DoGoodBeGoodFeelGoodIsAllIWantToDo #FuckThePrejudice #FuckTheAssumptions #StopTheGossip #ClueInToBeingClueless


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