Honey Cocaine & Heather Sanders — “Unprofessional When It Comes To Kids?!”

Honey Cocaine & Heather Sanders

I just want to inform you all about a situation that happened this morning, Monday April 2nd. Honey Cocaine had announced on Twitter Friday March 30th that she needed (Asian) kids in LA for a music video that they were going to shoot today & to notify Heather Sanders (King Trell’s gf/wife) for approval on the kids that would be chosen as extras for the video. Although I don’t have children… I do have many nieces & nephews that are interracial kids that are all part Asian. As a fan of many things including hip-hop, I thought it’d be great for my nieces & nephews to be a part of history in someway (the fact being there are no Asian female rap artist up until now)… and to show support for an artist that I truly wanted to see rise-to-the-top. She is confident & exudes a great deal of determination & tenacity. Her song, “I don’t care” is a great example as to why I appreciated her music & the adulation that we should each have in ourselves & our accomplishments even when others dislike or want to hate. Anyhow…

We were notified Saturday morning w/ a congrats (as if we won the lotto) & details on wardrobe for the children (including a 10:30AM calltime, but a location TBD).

(Even quoted from the email: “Honey herself will be directing the video and explaining the treatment and storyboard at the shoot” —  which means both Honey & Heather were informed that the video was set for shooting on Monday April 2nd… there was no ‘To Be Determined’ on whether the shoot were on hiatus or not, the only TBD was the location)

Then at about 2am Monday April 2nd we were sent the location (I received the email at 8am, but the time on the email sent said 1:21AM which may mean some of my emails delay). There were about 10 children (mostly 2-4 yrs old, a 7 yr old & 8yr old) that were at the location at 10AM. By 11AM each adult attempted to contact Heather Sanders (via email & Twitter) and/or Honey Cocaine (via Twitter) for the details & to see if it was canceled or if the location was incorrect. We waited with the children patiently & asked around at shops off of Fairfax Blvd. in Hollywood if they heard of any music video shoot that was being filmed today.

(reblogged from http://www.thehundreds.com, Hollywood/Los Angeles/California Fairfax Blvd. The Hundreds)

(RVCA off Rosewood Ave./ Fairfax Blvd. Hollywood/L.A.)

(Flight Club Los Angeles store Nike/Air Jordan/Sneakers galore)

The address sent was 503 Fairfax Los Angeles, CA 90049, which was a sneaker boutique. When the store opened at noon a few parents went to ask if they knew about the Honey Cocaine Music Video being shot & they were unaware of any filming happening in & around that area. We continued to email & twitter both Honey Cocaine & Heather Sanders who seemed to not respond to any of the regards sent, until 1pm (yet the two were “twittering”).

(Honey Cocaine used Twitter at around 11:30 April 2nd, saying she got a tan… we all assumed that she was running late & getting ready to shoot the music video…even a few tweeted her about being already on location)

(Heather Sanders tweeted “Shooting NEW POParazzi…” 5-10 minutes after the parents & I received the email about the cancellation of the music video shoot)

Heather Sanders sent a short email saying, “Honey will not be able to make it today do we are going to have to cancel the video -Heather Sanders.”

(There is no apology nor any sympathy towards the children in the email sent from Heather Sanders nor Honey Cocaine)

I’m not at all upset for myself, but what was sad was seeing all the children who waited patiently & were so excited yet calm & collective. There was even a couple who drove down from San Francisco, an elderly grandmother who drove from Montebello and a mother/aunt who drove from Antelope Valley, etc. It wouldn’t be such a big ordeal if it were adults that waited for 3hours & then the shoot was canceled, but it was children who had to wait around on the dirty streets of Hollywood (NOTE: not all streets in Hwood are dirty, but for kids/children there are quite a few). In the cancellation email there was no signs of regret or any apology given for the delay in responding to any emails, nor was there any contact number to notify the talent’s managers/production even when asked by a few parents/grandparents about having a contact # for all inquiries & for the day of the shoot. A few may disagree and think letting children be in a music video where the artist’s name is “Honey Cocaine” would be unmoral as a parent, but I disagree. Honey Cocaine’s name is meant to be controversial and rather than interpret it as a drug, it’s meant for people to hear her music and think it’s sweet & addictive… she has answered about her name standing for ‘sweet music that gets you pumped.’ As we all know, controversy is the cheapest publicity. As an Asian fan, I wanted my nieces & nephews to be part of something that might be historical to the hip-hop community and Asian-American/Canadian culture. Honey Cocaine has a very raw style & would be the first ever “Asian Female Rap Artist” to make it into mainstream. Is it just me or is that really unprofessional? I’m not sure if Honey Cocaine was responsible or if her assistant, Heather Sanders was to blame. Or equally both?! Anyhow, just venting.

…SIDE NOTE (April 3): I came across this today ironically to see if anyone said anything about the whole situation or if there was any announcement of Honey Cocaine’s scheduling conflict and/or some type of apology for the children, but there wasn’t… then I saw this on tumblr by ‘culturerich’ (via http://CultureRich.tumblr.com):

“Last night.

So I went to the Tyga concert last night and that shit was too sick! Kid Ink came out. I know you’re jealous Reagan :p haha and while Lil Twist was performing Justin fucking Beiber came out and no lie I got a little wet and screamed like a bitch haha then some other dudes came out and did their thing. YG 4Hunnid did his thing and then Tyga came out and killed it with Honey Cocaine. After we left Honey was outside taking pictures for 20 fucking dollars and I was like fuck that so I went up behind her and touched her back! Then I tried to get that sneak attack photo with her and some dude was like did you pay and I was like yeah and then some other dude was like no you didn’t and then Honey was like “Damn, he was all smooth about it.” At least I got to touch her back though haha”

…unless she’s like Albert Einstein who sold his autographs & pictures and gave them to charities and/or the less fortunate, that just adds to Honey Cocaine’s persona. Out of all things to make people pay for, I think celebrities, artists, politicians, etc. should never ask for money for autographs or photographs (unless for philanthropy reasons). I feel without fans, there would be no fame. And without fame, there would be no autographs or pictures. I truly am bummed because I wanted to see this girl succeed… and now I don’t know what to think. Morals & Ethics? Or Music & a Front? You decide.


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