Listen Up Music

Dear Music I love you,

I will never bid adieu,

  You keep me sane,

 You keep me safe,

Shine light on me,

Keep away that dark place,

  You are so friendly,

 You are so smart,

 You give me joy,

 You do not fart,

For with you here,

I feel less doubt,

  You make me dance,

I sing to shout,

When I listen,

I do but hear,

A place of peace,

Away from fear,

 You make me mosh,

 You make me sway,

 You make me smile,

 You make me say,

The things you say,

I do repeat,

I wave my hands,

I move my feet,

  You are my heart,

  You are my zen,

I feel a peace,

When I hold ur hand.


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