Inspiration from the Poe-Poe

Are we a dream?

Are we for real?

How do we think?

How do we feel?

Or is this fake?

This world that’s here.

That we exist?

God should we fear?

For who will know?

The honest truth.

For are we old?

Or are we youth?

Kid of this world.

A world that fades.

Into real life.

That we create.

Or are we dreams?

Or are we truth?

That we exist.

Or we just Bluths?

With flaws in life.

With flaws we face.

Are we the strong?

Our human race.

To make believe.

To make a lie.

To make a peace.

In each our life.

Yes God is real.

No God is fake.

We will not know.

Who’s been replace.

A place of peace.

A piece of mind.

We do but dream.

Dream weird in time…



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