Gretchen Ross

Oh Gretchen, you're so sweet & open minded...if only everyone felt the abnormal was okay. #DonnieDarko #JenaMalone #JakeGyllenhal #WeirdCanBePeculiarButPeculiarCanBeOhSoExciting


Smile of the Moment

Stand up for whatever you believe in...look at this kid...he is...or maybe he's crazy...either way he's cute. #ThatKidsAdorkable

My Soul In Church

break break crash crash, splish splish splash splash, waves wave more more, yes i am a board whore, love em all in different ways, the way to pump the wave i crave, longboard shortboard doesn't matter, long as feet go pitter patter, do them all do them good, toes on nose or ride it hood,... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day

I surf but I'm not a great surfer. I skate but I'm not a good skater. I think but I'm not the best thinker. I'm lame but I'm not the lamest... or am I??? #YinAndYangToTalents #ILovePhilosophyButImNotAPreacher

Smile of the Moment

hahaha this shit is by far one of my favorite signs to ever come across... I so need this... welp. first a cutea$$ pup & kitkat to go with it... werd. #SarcasmIsTheBestMedicine #LaughsTheBestIceBreaker

Quote of the Day

***DOUBLE QUOTE SINCE ITS BEEN A MINUTE SINCE I BLAHBLAHBLAH'GED*** The true revere in life is not to find the reasons to critique one another including ourselves... its to find an adoration for the blessings in which we can find understanding in that we each are an exclusive character in this world we exist in.... Continue Reading →

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