Steez Please

…so like I’ve said before… I’m trying to stay away from one of the loves of my life… I keep on lusting for em, but I just gotta keep my distance… stay away from the temptation… the desire… just for a few so that I can focus on my scribble… yeah I’m talking about fashion… but staying away by not going shopping for a year {hopefully I can be a g’ and make it to 3 years}, not sewing, not buying fashion mags and keeping boutiques at arm’s length is easier said than done. Yet it hasn’t been done (the shopping at least) for close to almost a year now, so that I must give myself a pat on the back for because I’m an apparel addict. I love clothes. I love accessories. I love freedom of expression… and that’s why clothes/costumes hold a big piece of my heart. Apparel in a sense is art in itself. Everything in life is an affiliate of art in my opinion and everyone & everything is an entity in it. We each are a muse. To someone. To something. Even mothernature sees us as a piece of art. That’s more of a philosophical answer, but you know what I mean… Apparel has become some what of an approval of caliber these days, but once it was part of individuality and keeping people warm. With internet access being so effortless for this era, keeping up with trends and what society’s standards of being “cool” is elementary. It’s not that I condone it nor have any animosity towards it… I’ve remotely modulated my perception towards the vogue in which our culture applies itself to… Therefore my love for artsy fartsyness has never been diminished. Again, with the course of internet being such a fascile commodity to each of us human beings I can’t help but gawk at the fabrics in which cover a human’s body so that we aren’t so distracted by those things we know as private parts… keeping them private. parts. So here’s a few pictures that I’ve come across that make me smile and wish I owned or had.

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter09

I’ve always loved metrosexual steez… unfortunately on men I’m not too fond of it [unless you’re Kurt Cobain or David Bowie]… jokes… but seriously on chicas it’s the sheeet. Well like everything else in the world, the not so indulged sheeet. Too much can be sometimes more than enough. We must oblige to some constitutes to keep the yin & yang afloat so there is such a thing as too much. Then again there are days that we cannot help but love to overindulge. Dressing like a tomboy is one of the best parts of being able to freely wear whatever the fock we’d like to wear. I like to dress a bit more masculine than feminine at times. It’s like Spice Girls with their Girl Power meets Al Bundy with his No Ma’am. Some may think I look like a lezy or dragqueen at times, but it’s okay I’m straight chill with that. Get it? Straight. Yeah that was a stupid joke, but ah well. Anyhow… I like dressing a bit boyish at times. Maybe that’s my problem… I need to dress a bit more girlie to have more girl friends than guy friends. [Note to self: Wear more dresses and heels]

Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Spring/Summer2012

I love the above outfit. Although the outfit is one that a guy could easily wear… there’s something about this outfit that seems just adept enough for a chick to rock. I dig the outfit, but would probably wear some sneaks with it [preferably some Converse Chuck Taylors low-tops or some Vans Half Cab mids]. I’d also add some rings, an anklet and nail polish to give the steez a bit more of an illusion that its more feminine than masculine.

Bedwin & The Heartbreakers Spring/Summer2012

The above outfit is a “definitely need that in my closet” outfit. I love the styling from the ribbon tie all the way down to the Doc Martens. I love button-up collared shirts and business jackets too. If I saw this somewhere I would teardrop cuz’ I’d have an empty wallet and full bag carrying the complete steez above… but if you aren’t having a frugal expenditure then go buy it & wear it so if I bump into you on the street I can smile and tell you how much I like your outfit… hahaha. Anyhow… speaking of button-up collared shirts, business jackets and ribbon ties… I like them…

Alexa Chung

Kirsten Dunst

…and because I dig em… I really like when designers create a metrosexual steez that they innovate into either a more masculine or feminine style… I love this business jacket because it’s like a dress & jacket in one ya dig…

…speaking of dresses… I love that shear fabrics & lace have become an elaborate part of fashion these daaaze…


…yo Melo I seee youse… and my second runner up of favorite dresses from the Met Gala 2012…

Chanel Iman in Tom Ford

…my favorite dress from the Met Gala… stripes for daysss… love this dress…

Rosie Huntington-Whitley in Burberry Met Gala 2012


Beyonce Knowles in Givenchy Met Gala 2012

…I was also feeling this gothic vampire meets music look… I must commend… never knew about the designer Alturazza…

Lana Del Rey in Altuzarra

…speaking of fashion designers… one designer I can’t get enough of fun steez to drool over is Proenza-Schouler… new season, old season, they know what’s up… so I leave you with some Proenza that I hope you will drool over as well… enjoy…

Proenza-Schouler Prefall2010
Proenza-Schouler Prefall2010
Proenza-Schouler Prefall2010
Proenza-Schouler Resort2012

…not only is Proenza-Schouler steezy with fabrics… they’ve got the make-up & hair rockin…it’s plain it’s simple it’s awesome… plain & simple as that.


…and though I have much respect, admiration and affection for fashion designers… I have an immeasurable abundance for those DIY’ers… I was like 4 foot 70 pounds all through junior high so DIY steez was what I had to do… I loved Contempo Casuals back in the day, but I could never fit anything… so to those do-it-yourself’ers out there: mad respect… I feel ya dawg I feel ya… hahaha… and Gwen Stefani has steez… she was one of the DIY’ers that I could remember from highschool… I miss the No Doubt Tragic Kingdom days though… don’t you?!

Gwen Stefani No Doubt

…Sublime has steez without having steez! …without having steez meaning… without shirts & stuff… Oh Bradley how I love you…


…okay… gotta catch some zzz’s while I can… sweet dreams & stay steezy.


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