In Memory of Ray Bradbury

Mr. Ray Bradbury has succumb to this world coincidentally during a rare transit to Venus on June 5, 2012. The science fiction prodigy leaves succeeding generations with 7 decades of ingenious works of art.

A legend of the 20th century, Bradbury created literary fantasy that was like no other, making each fan/reader question the unknown. With the assistance of his storytelling, we continue to wonder & explore our imagination making the strangest of thoughts the normal of cognition. Most notably was his novel “Fahrenheit 451” in  which bestows his thoughts regarding outlawing books & censorship in a dystopia American Society.

With his imagination, many aspiring writers freely express that innocent creativity we sometimes conceal from the world in fear that others may not comprehend the philosophies of science & fiction intertwined into one that we can call the mind’s anecdote of adventure. Although I call him Mr. Science Fiction Extraordinaire, Bradbury felt less akin to his work being referred to as science fiction, but rather he described his work as fantasy.

Comics, stories and novels were an intricate part of Bradbury’s life beginning at a very young age. He has inspired others through his contributions of storytelling to commission their time & effort in fields as science, technology & literature. He is one of the many storytellers that I aspire to write like and although I regret that I didn’t take pictures with him when I had the few opportunities to, his work & memories will continue to live in my heart. Rest In Paradise Ray Bradbury.


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