Irks: Part1



…yes I keep talkin… you keep talkin… he keeps talkin… she keeps talkin… they keep talkin… we keep talkin… that’s just how the world works… it can be seen as the stupidest, smartest and/or bravest thing ever… really it just depends on who is hearing it and how it’s interpreted… I’ve decided to start a section called “Irks” which will be about things that “grind my gears…” and so… here’s the first of em…

A few days back as I was getting ready to check my emails, I came across a Yahoo news thingymajingy that was titled, “Jay-Z And Kanye To Blame For Gwyneth Paltrow’s Use Of N-Word?” I clicked on the article because I was interested to see if Gwyneth Paltrow used the N-Word in a derogatory manner, why there was so much commotion and whether it was even really news worthy [although news today is more like, “let’s be pessimistic & find something to complain about cuz these days pointing the finger is culture’s way of being informative”]… it’s okay to complain if you’ve got some valid claims to your reasoning… and if so… let’s start a riot!!!

jokes… really though I wondered, “Jay-Z, Kanye & Gwyneth are homies?! did they force her into saying the N-Word?!…cray.” …jokes again… As I read the article I started to become a bit offended myself. It seems that people were upset about Paltrow tweeting, “Ni**as in paris for real…”

Click this lame Yahoo commotion if interested in the details

Gwyneth Paltrow Jay-Z Kanye West #Twitter Controversy

Many people were upset by Paltrow’s tweet and harassed the actress on Twitter, blogs, etc. Even the author of the Yahoo article seemed to have felt that her tweet was inappropriate. Paltrow then went to Twitter to defend herself against a twatter replying with, “Hold up. It’s the title of the song! RT@lovebscott Okay or Not? @GwynethPaltrow Tweets The N-Word: ” To me… well if you know me personally… you know I talk like a sailor and am very open-minded but this had gotten me into a bit of a rebuttal…  words in my opinion are nothing but words. Some use it for communication. Some use it to express observation. Some use it as a proclamation. Some use it as a quondam nation. Some even use it for association… and unfortunately there are those who have to use it for clarification as an explanation to help affirmation for those critical altercations that arise from agitations of allegations of what’s been said and its correlations furthermore the frustrations of what’s been done and to fix the devastation to realize its just an annotation… ya feel me? Anyhow… Depending how it is said, I believe that people should be free to say what they want just as long as it’s done in the correct manner at the appropriate time… My family is pretty much like the mutt capital of the world [did that offend you?! …sorry… said with sarcasm]… but really though… I have a diverse ethnic background and I can’t think of one single person in my family that would be offended by such a tweet… I guess being unfair & offended over nothing is part of some people’s backgrounds… but really though… should we have to be prisoners to words? It’s really unfair to me.

To me, I feel like it’s very much like we are held incarcerated to words such as: nigga, cunt, fuck, shit, motherfucker, bitch and whatever else words people want to be unintentionally exasperated by. Really though… the only true people that should be able to be offended are children, old people & those that are poorly taunted by others that want to find some reason to feel superior [which in my opinion we are equals in this world…we all breathe…we all cry…we all bleed so fuck off bullies]. …Children… because they don’t know any better [and ‘cuz they don’t need to know cuss words are slang until they’re older & to know that such words are used to express a profusely amount of emotion… (depending on which word is being used) …not everyone feels the need to use it and that I respect…]… and old people… because they are elder & if they don’t curse than I have to show my respect for the elderly and not curse back… then again, if they’re talkin mad curse words then of course you know I’ve gotta slang it up as well because it would just make communication with that person much more comfortable & it wouldn’t be offensive to them to use such words they are tolerable with anyways… [if you’re not the cussing type you don’t have to cuss just to fit in… that’d be dumb… but i cuss like its a bona fide part of who i am and who i’ve always been… i naturally curse… i can’t help it… sorry!] …but back to the question at hand… should Gwyneth be hated for for putting up a tweet [with asterisks mind you], that was the title of a song she was probably listening to at a concert?! In my opinion… no fucking way. That’s just ridiculous. I believe that some people just get way too power-trippy (and no I’m not talking about black people… I’m talking about anyone that dissects & analyzes any and all slang, dialogue & how it is used… if you don’t curse you don’t curse… if you don’t think you don’t think… if you don’t hate then we should be friends… {SIDENOTE: dislike is so much better than hate}  let people be free to say whatever they want to say… if they’re not hurting anyone nor trying to then what’s the big ordeal)… And if people really took the time to check the history of terms, they would know that such derogatory words were more like the root of another word being made for such things as we call slang & American English… I hate to put this word up to make my point… but an example for instance the word nigger (which really is the American version of the Latin word niger meaning the color black, the Spanish/Portuguese word negro and so on and so forth… it started out as a new American English word for black, but then in time it started to become a derogatory hateful & cruel word) and if you don’t believe me (I wouldn’t use the word anyhow because growing up the word was imprinted into my mind as derogatory so what’s the point using it if I’ve went all my life speaking without it)… then do some research or Click This …anyhow… so if you think about it… the word nigga is more of a slang word that can be an alternate way of saying: friend, homie, pal, say whaaat!, come on now, seriously though, let’s be real and so on… it was probably started by urban culture & pop music… but if that’s the case shouldn’t that be more of a reason why people should be able to use it freely?! …and if you disagree I respect that… but isn’t that unfair for those that like certain songs that use the word nigga?! Does that mean when we hear such songs we love that we can’t sing them out loud? If only specific people are allowed to use the word nigga shouldn’t that mean nigga should be banned from all public usage in creativity, forms of art, writings & public displays of things that use the term? If you think about it… if people say that certain people cannot use the word nigga, doesn’t that show that those unable to use the word are segregated from the slang? Isn’t that in a sense segregation in itself?! …in my opinion no one should be a prisoner to any word by any means… ‘cuz if you think so… does that mean even the innocently discourse are unable to use words freely?!

…if people believe that all men were created equal and that our generation today has found a way to move away from racism, prejudice & hate then no one should get upset by someone who used a word that was applicable for the occasion/situation… I understand that some people use censorious words in an unlawful unethical manner… but I don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow did anything wrong… she seems like one of the sweetest angelic people in the world [maybe that’s why she’s friends with Beyonce ‘cuz I feel like she’s just as angelic, pleasant… and beautiful!]…anyhow… the difference though… Beyonce could use the word nigga and Gwyneth can’t I guess… It’s ironic that just a few months back the creator/writer of “Sons of Anarchy,” Kurt Sutter wrote a blog about how derogatory words are forced to be much more objectionably confrontational by society than necessary… {if you’re irked by my irk on this topic then I recommend you don’t read on}

Click this to see the awesome blahblah’ging of my sensai of all sorts Mr. Kurt Sutter

…another word that seems to piss people off is the word cunt… cunt started off as the word to define sexual intercourse with a woman or to describe a female’s vagina and vulva… if you don’t use the word then it’s not your cup of tea and no one is gonna hate on that… but if it’s one of the ingredients in others’ teas then why can’t someone be able to drink it up?! I just feel that words are nothing but an individual’s vocabulary… is that a crime??? people make things a bigger problem than they have to be… funny thing is they wouldn’t be a problem if people accepted freedom of speech as the answer…

…and the word fuck… The Oxford English Dictionary states that the derivation is uncertain, but that the word is generic with a mix of native Germanic words with meanings affiliated to terms that describe striking, rubbing, and having sex… in American English terms the word has become an offensive foul to some… in my opinion… the fucks up with that… can’t I just use the fucking word in my slang?! is that so wrong???

…and what about bullshit… yes it was an expletive word… but what’s wrong with using the word bullshit to shorten your way of saying: Really though?!, You’re kidding me right?!, I so don’t believe you, That so doesn’t make sense, You’re lying huh., etc…

…okay okay… the little cartoon boy shouldn’t be using that in a sentence to tell his mother something… but again… children shouldn’t even know such words yet… and if they do… well… you’re the adult [if an adult is reading this…and I’m hoping that only adults are reading this…] discipline the youth… don’t make them feel inferior to you or that they’re some bottom-rung dummy…

if you don’t curse, then you’re kids probably won’t either and that I can admire… but if you do… then make sure when its befitting… our kids [I don’t have any yet…but if I did] shouldn’t know that we’re sailors until they’re old enough to be sailors ya dig… I wouldn’t want my kid cussing like it was the passage into freedom…

…it’s funny to me that a word can be of bad quality and that the same word can be pleasant… how is that?! for instance, bad motherfucker… bad motherfucker can be described as someone that is dangerously boss… but if you take off the bad in front of bad motherfucker you get motherfucker… which some define as: an idiot, someone that is dumb or ignorant, a horrible person, a nitwit, a person that’s actions might be disgraceful or illegetimate… In addition, motherfucker is also used as a short way of saying: That half-witted fool, Wow I can’t believe that you just did that, Oh my really?!, etc.

“Reservoir Dogs” by Quentin Tarantino

…like the word badass… how can someone be offended by that?! Anyone that is completely sane would take badass as a compliment not a word that might put me in hell one day… just sayin…

…speaking of assasshole. Another vacuous word in my opinion. Let’s start with the first part of the word, ass. Ass originally means a long-eared, slow, patient, unlikely to fall domesticated horse/donkey also described as a brute of affliction and the informal American English way of saying buttocks. Hole meaning a perforation or opening to something. Therefore the combination of both you would think means a horse/donkey stuck in a hole or the hole located in the buttocks right?! Unfortunately wrong. Asshole by slang terms means: an unpleasant male, a male that may falsely believe is superior to others, an egotistical male, someone that is rude or disrespectful, etc. The bizarre thing coincidentally about such words is that sometimes when people use the word to describe themselves, they are convinced that the word makes them more important and that they may stand out because of it… weird right???

…since asshole is referred mostly to men… the generally female version in my opinion is bitch. Bitch originated from the definition meaning a female dog. In slang it indicates a female that is mean and/or cruel, an antagonizing female and/or someone that is narcissistic or afraid of nothing. Yet again if used by a person to describe themselves, somehow it refers to being: of power, special and/or an excellent part of being marvelous. This is why I laugh at the thought of people being so disturbed by akin usage of words. Can people using words that some find to be distasteful [maybe that person can use the word…but for some reason another person using the word is wrong] really affect that person’s life so much??? It boggles my mind that there is an abundant amount of word officers [pretty much people who think they have the right to govern the usage of specific vocabulary] that feel that they have the power & right to tell people what they’re allowed to say, speak or fucking tweet!!! Are you kidding me?!

See… like the baby that called the baby pucker upper “Bitch” is just being a bully by telling her she’s trying to watch Dora The Explorer… hahaha. She could’ve said it in a nicer demeanor… like, “Excuse me bitch, I’m sorry but I’m trying to watch Dora The Explorer”(sarcasm)… jokes. It’s fake. I know. #JustSaying

…then again there are words that we shouldn’t use to describe specific people… for instance… I would never call a female homosexual a dyke, nor would I ever call a male homosexual a fag. I will admit, when I wear mens apparel I do sometimes tell myself [in my head not spoken] that I look a bit butch or like a dyke… but… can you really be upset that I say that in my head and that there’s been times when I’ve dressed in more masculine apparel that lesbians have hit on me?! It’s not like I’m saying it out loud… and if homosexuals can use such words as slang shouldn’t I be able to use it in the privacy of my own mind?! I mean if people were offended by apparel like they are with some words… would that mean I would have to wear a dress, heels & make-up everyday just because I’m straight?! That I could only wear my ripped Levi’s, Docs & Destroy! shirt with no make-up only at home alone?! That would be ridunkulous.

For some reason seeing this fella hold up this sign doesn’t phase me… so I guess for some it seems alright… again… not fair! #JustSaying
If there was really a Faggot Police… would it be okay to use?! Hmmm… ponder on that for a moment…

Unfortunately I smoke cigarettes [I’m really trying to quit…really I am…I just suck at willpower]… and sometimes I say, “Can I have a drag of your fag?” to PB… but that doesn’t mean I’m calling his cigarette a homosexual.

so at the end… people are gonna probably be perturbed by this irk… but hey… this is just a live journal where I express what I think and if no one reads this it’s all good… it’s just some extra writing practice [I love to write & I am a writer… more fiction than non, but any practice helps…] and if someone reads it, then I hope you understand this is just an individual outlook on subjects that cross my path in life… no disrespect. no hate. no interrogation intended. just mumble jumble that keeps me humble… okay more meek behind a computer… it keeps me writing though see… In conclusion, the assessment I’m trying to make is that no one, including Gwyneth Paltrow, should feel captive to using words… especially words that are parallel to direct happenings of the moment… and if you still are mad at Gwyneth Paltrow after reading this and now think that I’m a Motherfuckin’ asshole bitch that acts like a dyke faggot nigga… well then…

…and no matter what.. have a blessed life & I wish you the best of luck on all endeavors… I love you all either way. #ICantHelpButLoveToLove

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