Side Note: New York bans Soda?!

First cigarettes were the worst thing in the world & now its soda?! What the fart! Okay okay I’m joking about it being the worst thing in the world though some may disagree, but I just feel like this country founded on freedom is getting way too into controlling other people’s freedom. If people really believe that people should live their life to the fullest shouldn’t that mean that people should be able to freely define “to the fullest” all on their own?! It’s like people that look down on those who smoke cigarettes. I smoke cigarettes and hate me or not for doing so, I wish I didn’t… but in a sense maybe it was part of my fate. Who knows when people live, who knows when people die… and who knows when people survive. We don’t know eachothers’ fates. I like them unfortunately. They soothe my stress. They lessen my anxiety and although I am going to finally quit (once I could afford the hypnotism since nothing else seems to work) I feel that I should have the right to choose when and how to quit. It’s not a health decision. I don’t care if I look old or if I’ve got more health risks because of them… [I don’t know what my precise views are on science & religion ergo my choices… my life]. It’s more of a “I need more willpower in my life” decision & shit they’re costly. I don’t need poor unfortunate people in those Truth ads making me feel like my fullest is more like the emptiness of being an unacceptable samaritan [and in my opinion those making those ads are abusing the people they have in those commercials… I highly doubt any of their family want to remember their ancestors by that]… okay okay… I lie. I do want to quit to be healthier because a healthier body creates a healthier mind which would make me a healthy person & healthy people seem to be very happy & more passionately motivated and I would like that… but I mean should we tell adroit people to live a more clumsy life?! Should we ask exercisers or healthy eaters to live more unsafely?! No…I know I went off track, but I cannot believe that New York is considering having a law that only allows people to order a maximum of 16 ounces of soda. That would mean that if you’re at a restaurant & are eating a large meal, you are only allowed 16 ounces to help soothe that soon-to-be full tummy of yours. I used to drink only soda & I weigh 110 lbs! I’ve cut down, but I like drinking soda with meals. It helps me eat more & seems to help me digest my food easier…but I’m not a doctor nor scientist so what do I know. I’m just saying that it’s crazy that they think it will help with obesity… but hey maybe it will… who knows?! I don’t. Also stated is that the cause of obesity is from sugary beverages. They aren’t completely sure if that’s accurately directed to soda, but I’m not completely accurate with my opinions so whatever. This is just a side note… If you want to read a little more about it check out This CNN link on the whole epidemic … Again, I love you all… good night… and remember… do we know all the truth???


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