Side Note: Defining Neccessities


Noun: 1. The fact of being required or dispensable; 2. Unavoidability

…to define necessity in this day & age is such a difficult task. Everyone’s got a different opinion. A different belief. A different outlook on wants, needs and requirements. Life choices & desires are so diverse that to define necessity is in some ways an immensely hard struggle that, in reality, could never completely be answered. It’s one of those questions that will never have a full accordance to what the world has to offer. To decide what is needed versus to depend on what is needed. That is the question… as well as the answer. To me, I define necessity in both spiritual & physical conditions. There’s a need for love, acceptance & happiness. As well as a need for health, good karma & success. Love, being to acquire adoration for others & towards myself. Acceptance, a yearning for respect & discerned approval by society. Happiness, to discover & conquer the true beauty of life. Health, the essential physicality for a tenacious mind & the ownership to an able-bodied. Good karma, the commitment to pursue an altruistic & humane approach to each continuing step we make everyday. And success, the favorable outcome in which we individually define our own fruition… I guess my definition of necessity is more a mental state of mind rather than a materialistic denotation… but… if I were to define necessity in a materialistic denotation it would be: to have warm clothes when it is cold, non-toxic liquids to quench my thirst, edible materials to support my body to survive, a roof over my head to shield me from harm, friends & family to keep me sane and pens & papers to continue to explore my philosophies. I know my definition seems fraudulently false, but it’s the first list that comes to mind… and although I know that it’s easier said than done… would I take only those necessities listed above?! In all honesty… I would… but only if I were traded happiness, wealth, health & joy for my friends & family. I would do it. I know that some may disagree & say, “yeah right she would not do that… who would?!” Well if you’d think that way… maybe it’s you who wouldn’t. I would. Though I am selfish & stress about finances at times, I’m happy & satisfied & very thankful for everything I have or don’t have in my life. I’m human so of course there’s things I wish I had or wish I was… but I remind myself that it’s a blessing to experience such failures & hardships. It’s life’s lessons that make us stronger… and even when I get depressed for selfish reasons… I take a moment to reflect and remind myself that I am blessed & have more than enough essentials than many people in the world… especially those that live in third world countries. Necessity is such a hard thing to describe because we sometimes confuse it for lust, desire & temptation. Like for instance, lust. For some reason fame gives those that are famous, well-known or prominent in the public eye an attractive force that human nature cannot help but feed into. We sometimes give those in the limelight respect & adoration for no apparent reason other than the fact that they are public figures… that’s where lust comes into place. Lust therefore is an appetite for the longing of acceptance & demands the need for a compulsive wanting by those we may speculate are somehow more superior to us in a theoretical manner. We may think that knowing or being affiliated with those that obtain fame will somehow make us feel equally as wanted… and to me… that is the lust that exist in us. The lust in which we want what we don’t have with no crucial reasoning. That to me, is a necessity for selfish reasons rather than a fundamental requirement. Desire can be both good & bad. Desire could be what motivates you towards commendable passions or aspirations, then again like lust, it can be something or someone that you want for no valid justification. Temptation is when one is lured into doing something that is unnecessary or tantalizing. I don’t mean when someone eats ice-cream the same day they said they were going on a diet. I mean doing things that are unethical for the purpose of pleasing oneself by hurting others {or even oneself}. Sometimes we partake in lust, desire & temptation. Some buy brand name things to feel accepted by the popular community. Some buy expensive things that they don’t really need because they know that it’s the newest “it” thing to own. Some cheat for the urge to feel wanted although there is someone already that proves that point at home. Some try & steal others’ lovers/spouses for the purpose of wanting one for themselves although there are plenty of single fish swimming around in this sea we call world. Some hang out with certain people because they think by being seen with the recognized it makes them recognizably special… but in all reality, if we don’t have a lovable personality, owning or having expensive material possessions doesn’t mean crap… and I’m not saying it’s a crime to own such things… I think it’s okay to own material possessions. I mean I’m American… duh, of course I like Jordans… who doesn’t like em they’re so cute?! …but… when we do buy something good for ourselves, we should try & do something good back for others. Like the saying goes, “It’s better to give than receive.” and that I strongly agree with… I’m not gonna lie & say I don’t like nice things… but if I could feed a whole group on Skid-Row instead of go to the movies & buy snacks at the concession stand… then that’s what I do {if you want to too… email me!}. One day movies… another day Skid-Row. So… everyday… even when you don’t feel like it… do something nice for someone… give a bum your leftovers if you didn’t finish your lunch… pick up the trash you may see on the sidewalk as you pass… put your change you receive from the cashier into the charity bucket on the counter… or even throw a smile or hello to a stranger. Every bit counts. We all do bad. We all do good. It’s human nature. but… We all should care about ourselves, those around us and others around the world in the most ethical way possible. So now ask yourself… what defines you??? What are your necessities???


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