Hippie Punks, Maturity, The Immature & Casper

I haven’t had a chance to blah’g… so… this is an old thought… but it’s a goodie…

I was a zombie hippie punk who was killed at Altamont in 1969 for Halloween-2010

Studies have shown that by the age of 2 your personality will remain the same for the rest of your life. I believe that to be true. I think that people experience things in life & have life lessons, but maturity only comes to those who strive to mature & those who have a passion for ethics & morals. You could know an 8 year old with an old wise soul… then again you could know a 50 year old with an immature kinda-knows-some-stuff soul. Everyday we breath is another day to do good, be good & feel good. Happiness differs for all but for those who strive for peace, love & harmony happiness comes from the heart… happiness is their way of life. Happiness is everyone’s way of life in a sense, but sometimes people are living in such a fast-paced life they forget the true essence of life. The answer??? Who knows. No one. I believe people can be hippie-punks. My friends of both spectrums say that hippie-punks can’t exist, but why not?! If I love to love & love peace & caring & sharing with others just like a hippie, yet continue to find a balance in anarchy, independence, anti-conformity, being satisfied with who you are & not trying to please others who want you to be a certain way & saying “who gives a fuck what people say or think of me” just like punk rock why can’t I be both? There’s a time in life when you realize who you are… but sometimes that doesn’t happen until death… but even then who knows. It’s not like I’ve talk to Casper to really know the real deal.

…so when someone tries to categorize you… just remember… who gives a flying fuck… you are you and that’s all you can do… i love you all the same… even if you stink or not… hey… showers might not be your thing… you might be a hippie, i get it… hahaha… jokes.


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