It’s There’s

It’s not about being born,

There’s too many memories that we cannot hold the earliest ones of our lives,

It’s not about knowing everything,

There’s too much to experience & not enough to learn,

It’s not about playing,

There’s too much to imagine that foolishness is just a part of childhood,

It’s not about flying,

There’s not enough wings for all of us to jump on,

It’s not about growing up,

There’s too many amounts of souls that we each may obtain,

It’s not about rhyming all the time,

There’s too much to express in such ways to be understood,

It’s not about knowing what is art,

There’s too many different kinds to define them all,

It’s not about being better,

There’s far worse things to concern myself with,

It’s not about being correct,

There’s too many questions to know all the answers,

It’s not about being cool,

There’s too many cliques & contestants to really know its importance,

It’s not about being interesting,

There’s too many different likes & dislikes that each individual possesses,

It’s not about finding a soulmate,

There’s too many fish and not enough swimming in the sea,

It’s not about sex,

There’s too many positions that the kama sutra may not even contain,

It’s not about drugs,

There’s too many chemicals and not enough elements,

It’s not about laughter,

There’s so many kinds of humor that we cannot agree with all exactly,

It’s not about love,

There’s too many people to care for that we cannot have a favorite,

It’s not about being the favorite,

There’s too many reasons why I love the one I love,

It’s not about what is said,

There’s too much talk and not enough action; or vice versa,

It’s not about being politically correct,

There’s too many slang words to even know how to define such things,

It’s not about knowing the truth,

There’s too many different beliefs that we cannot pinpoint just one,

It’s not about beauty,

There’s too many definitions to distinguish the most desirable,

It’s not about wealth,

There’s too much richness in spirituality to compare material possessions,

It’s not about memories,

There’s too many to forget and not enough to remember,

It’s not about photos,

There’s too many that amaze my mind and imprint itself in my head,

It’s not about words,

There’s too many thoughts to control what to clearly think or say,

It’s not about dreams,

There’s too many when I sleep & too hard to catch up with when I’m awake,

It’s not about success,

There’s too much success that I cannot help but already have,

It’s not about failures,

There’s too many that I still continue to make,

It’s not about regret,

There’s too many lessons that are created and not enough to experience,

It’s not about being sad,

There’s too much joy in such a blessed life,

It’s not about being sick,

There’s too many diseases to understand why it’s in one fate,

It’s not about being healed,

There’s too much goodluck yet there is as much badluck,

It’s not about time,

There’s too many times to recollect and distinguish when is the beginning & when is the end,

It’s not about death,

There’s too many wishes of hope for reincarnation,

It’s not about spirit,

There’s so much of the unknown that even the universe does not have the answer,

It’s not about being alone,

There’s too much hope & faith that I continue to find comfort in something more powerful than I,

It’s not about company,

There’s too many living creatures that even outside of our world we may not know of,

It’s not about this world being ours,

There’s too many other worlds & not enough facts,

It’s not about when,

There’s too many of the why,

It’s about now,

There’s your life.



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