Side Note: Comic Con 2012

I feel like I haven’t blah’ged in forever… its sad & at the same time exciting… lots of work getting done off the internet which is a good thing… I get easily distracted so the time I’ve had away from the internet has been very pleasing… I’ve missed the internet though… what can I say… I’m a technology girl grown’d up in a technology world… and since I’ve gotta head to work in a bit… I thought I would try and get a bit of an internet fix before having to head out… so here is another side note… anyhow… This past week was another Comic-Con that PB & I had attended…it’s been almost a decade that we’ve been attending… and within the years it has grown & changed so much…there’s always pros & cons to everything in life and that even goes for comic-con…unfortunately, the procrastinators we are… we didn’t get our badges this year… when we received our registration to confirm our professional badges of course we didn’t register on time & professional registration closed by the time our latea$$es decided to go online & do our confirmation… and since comic-con sells out so quickly we couldn’t even buy tickets this year… it was a hectic one this year but in the best way possible… this year was less about checking out & going to the events we would have went to as professional badge holders and was more about hustlin’ like gangstas which made this comic-con that much more enthralling in a sense… we are blessed & lucky to have done what we had gotten to do this past comic-con… there’s so much to see & so much to do during comic-con week in san diego that even without being an attendee there’s so much that goes on that could fulfill the whole comic-con experience… it’s great knowing people… people are aughsum… I love people!!! and the people in my life are the awwwsomess… okay… so now that my lamea$$ got to blah about nothing, I should be heading out to work… but I thought I would just leave a side note… this week will be mostly all about comic-con… and if you’ve never went… you should go!!! if you’re a geek, fan or even better a fangeek then you should check it out… tickets for next year will be sold soon so buy your tickets asap… they sell out fast…

…and yes I’m turning 30 this year… woohoo!!!


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