You Can Never Be Overdressed Or Overeducated

You can never be overdressed,

There’s no such overdose unless,

You show too much Your gang might shoot,

Or condemn a person’s sense cahoot,

To wear a skirt To wear a tie,

To shave your head Or have tye-dyed,

To wear a wedge To wear a sneak,

5-panel hat 5-golden teeth,

A different swag A different night,

Brand after brand Brands some unite,

The high-end ones The lower-class,

Handmade of yards Recycled grass,

Job hustle go Like rapper flow,

All having types of boats & hoes,

Deceit the looks Talk more to think,

To know the raw Real talk I mean,

The cash is good The Hustle real,

To really want Or never care to feel,

There comes a time Cash need it fast,

Bill after bill Bill Gates got stacks,

Some like to share Some like to hate,

Forgive the ones Dumb in their states,

It’s not their fault Different our minds,

We each have flaws Flaws each our kinds,

But understand it’s ok to disagree,

Cuz each will each Will be will be,

To think or see Through talk or eye,

The judge we judge We each can mind,

It’s what we do It’s what we see,

Looks Moves Talks differently,

Creativity come control the chaos,

That insecurity holds so much weigh on,

But its not bad Don’t over think,

To think is think And wink is wink,

So there’s no thing as overdue,

Cuz each is done And done is due,

So let passion be the way to learn,

Cuz each new thought is not a burn,

We each have fate We each have ways,

We are who we are That’s just the plays,

We act it out We play the game,

All separate our prides All separate our shame,

Of life and thought To feel and see,

Cuz what is now Is free to be,

So remember again there’s no overdress,

Cuz’ clothes & thoughts are not the test,

The heart takes flight like shooting darts,

To give love place in home of hearts,

So there’s no such thing as being over the top,

Cuz’ when it’s OVER you might just not stop…


#GoOnOverAndDoIt #DreamBig #JumpOverTheSky


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