Conventional Good Taste

…………..What does that mean to you???……………

To me it coincides with the saying, “Art is what you make of it.” To conceptualize individual tastes & likes. The business of art consists of players, spectators and pretenders. Players being those in which partake in creating-participating-engaging-immersing themselves in the art. Spectators being those that admire & support the art, but may not want to attach themselves to it whole-heartedly. The pretenders being those in society to which the art is not necessarily of any importance to them, but that being included and involved in its festivities is. Why is that?!

I know I abuse the word ‘human nature’ often, but in my opinion each of us DO have a common interest, taste, feeling, thought and emotion to almost anything & everything. To what the degree is to each existing piece of art differs. The interest can be a dislike and offense by one person. The interest can be a love, obsession and adoration by another. The degrees in which passion & interest are intertwined or unidentified will always be different. No matter what. I can be a fan of Mark Twain, while another person can be a fan as well… maybe that person has more knowledge of his life & background while I might have more knowledge of his stories & poems. The fan standpoint might be equal, while the viewpoints may be completely opposite. You never know. That’s why were called individuals isn’t it?! No two are alike… even identical twins. They’re not doing, thinking and/or feeling life in complete equivalence. That would be strange anyhow wouldn’t it??? I don’t like getting jinxed or when my little cousins play shadow with me without wanting to play shadow… how’s about let’s play with painting or drawing or writing or even music… let’s play art… which brings me back to this whole nonsensical nonsense of mine…

Some love art for no particular reason or answer. There’s just this energy or fascination that occurs when encountering particular things in art for the first time. Usually for me I get these tears in my eyes or goosebumps on my arms. It’s so annoying & strange, but it gives me these butterflies that makes me feel as if I’m falling in love for the first time again… but instead of it being with PB… it’s with a piece of art. Art is everywhere, but the art we each like individually… always has an inconsistent titillation that arises from each one of us in different ways. Some become enthused. Some become offended. Some become bored. The question at hand is do you love certain art for the art?! Or do you love particular art because it’s of popular taste? Do you conform? Or do you do the things you do for you and nobody else???

The conform aspect is to follow along with the majority and side with the popular for no valid reasoning. You believe its right because the majority believes its right… but I don’t think that’s right. I think that it’s okay to disagree sometimes. It’s okay to think freely. Feel differently. Do things inconsistently. So “It is not the business of art to conform to conventional taste” means to love what you love. Not because others love it or hate it, but because you’ve got some relationship… some sentiment towards something so artistic that sometimes you can’t even pinpoint why it is there… it makes you happy… it makes you melancholy… it reminds you of something about you or something you’ve experienced… you relate to it… you get it… you understand it… you concur… but what do I know right?! I’m a writer who can’t write for shit. But you know what… I’m gonna keep doing it anyhow. It’s my art. It’s my life. I can do what I want to do. It’s part of anti-conformity. Anarchy. So go ahead sistas & brothas… do the damn thing. Art. Live it. Breathe it. Get into it. Or do it. Word.

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