The Popular 1. Part 1.

Lucky him. He never got made fun of. He was popular on campus. He had no worries. No struggles to feel accepted. Was it confidence that saved him? A fundamental way of thinking so self-righteous about himself? Is that the key to success? To have no cares what others think. To poke fun at his teacher with Parkinson’s just to prove that he was Mr. Tough Guy. To do what he wanted when he wanted with whoever he wanted. To ditch school to drink beer and do nothing else but drink beer for no apparent reason. Then drive recklessly like an idiot under the influence. To not take criticism from others. To bully & ridicule the nerds for a laugh and then beat some of them up for their lunch money even though he was rich.

…there is a fine line…

After he graduated from school, things changed. He was somehow different. Not at first. His personality remained the same for the time being, but his atmosphere changed in a whole way. There was no popular table. There were no cheerleaders to flirt with during lunch. There was no prom to be the king of. Things changed. A lot.

…where did it all go wrong???

It didn’t go wrong. It was part of the life process that happens to everyone. He didn’t know that. He didn’t know that he & his friends would grow apart. That there would be new people he would encounter. That was a surprise to him. He didn’t know that dating would be so difficult. Girls no longer flocked to him. No one offered him gifts. Shoulder rubs. An extra ticket to a local concert. Nothing.

…it had changed… really it had…


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