Tyler the Creator’s new album: WOLF

I have this thing about music… and I call it love. I really fangeek on things and love so many things in fact, but one that I’m strongly passionate about is music & films. For some reason, music & films are almost like therapy and a healing treatment. Films & music have gotten me through the darkest of times. It’s this feeling that let’s you go beyond your own personal being. You get this emotion from the melodies or images you see. You feel this relation to the words & the actions. You understand the similarities & differences. It just gets to me…

Since I haven’t done a review in a long while and I usually do the reviews on movies, I thought I’d do it on something different so here’s a review on Oddfuture’s Tyler the Creator’s new album entitled, “WOLF.” I’ve been a fan of this kid for quite sometime. It’s strange because music to me is (well anything in general to me) is never about a specific genre or style… it’s not about who likes it or hates it… it’s not about what he said or she said… it’s about how it moves me. Be it hip-hop to jazz, death metal to rock & roll, folk to blues… it doesn’t matter… there’s good & bad in everything. And Tyler the Creator (or @fucktyler to most kids) is beyond his years. His imagination & story telling through melodies & lyrics is legend of its time. He might be obnoxious or vulgar in some of his songs… but to me its as if he’s playing characters out of a movie. So you might like it if:

  • You’re into rap, hip-hop, jazz & eclectic melodies
  • You like Goblin & Bastard & want to like something new
  • You want to be angry but don’t want to punch the wall so the only other thing is to listen to music
  • You like musicians with alter egos & split personalities
  • Your an artist yourself and you want to hear something inspiring
  • You want to find music thats variety ranges and reminiscent of sounds of the 80’s-90’s-and nows
  • You love the whole Oddfuture clan & Erykah Badu
  • You’re bored
  • You’re obsessed with wanting to feel young & cool
  • You want to be able to tell your friends you heard it because you know some of your hip friends might think they’re too cool to even tell you the album is already out
  • You want to do hood rat shit with your friends but your friends didn’t invite you to do hood rat shit so you have nothing better to do


B3RNTR33 ENTHUSIASM (on a scale of 1-10): 9

(1 being: You wish you could take back the time you wasted watching & listening to stinky poop-poops full of frivilous annoyances -AND- 10: You wanted to cry, jump up & down, laugh, punch someone in the face ‘cuz you don’t know why your so excited & stoked )

B3RNTR33 AUDIENCE VIEWER ENJOYMENT TYPE: Listen to it with your friends over bowls of fun! Play Partyisntover even if that party is over and you’re still trying to hit on that one girl… Play IFHY to your significant other when you’re fighting so you don’t have to say shit or yell at each other because those few minutes of just listening will make you forget what you were fighting about and then you’ll realize that we all fucking hate each other, but love each other.

Synopsis: One of Tyler the Creator’s personas, Samuel, meets Wolf and Wolf & Samuel just don’t get along… or that’s what I assume.

B3RNTR33′s take on the album: Good jams from beginning to end. I love how Tyler the Creator makes his albums into tiny little storytelling. It’s not like most rap music or hip-hop where all they talk about is champagne, hoes and money (or chains). It gives you this imagination of what it is like to be a part of the youth in this generation. There’s happy & sad times. Shy moments & raucous ones. Togetherness & clique’ness. Peaceful times & times of war. My favorite verse in the album is this kid Na’kel on the ‘Trashwang’ track. I used to see him around skating when he was just a little grom and I never really spoke to him. I’m shy so I don’t talk unless spoken to (unless there’s a computer screen to shield me from being too afraid to speak up), but his voice & rhythm is mad steezy. He makes me want to punch someone in the face. Even myself. Anyhow… when I first saw Tyler the Creator in his ‘Goblin’ video I thought he was mad talented. I thought, “shit…this kid’s got talent…charisma & everything.” I didn’t know how long I liked him, but shit man… I’m still a teenybopper for the little fuck.


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