UFC fight April 27th woohoo!!!

As you may already know… I’m a fangeek of almost all things (excluding rape, murder, racism & prejudice)… so since I haven’t been blahblahblah’ging as much I thought I’d try to write anything whenever I get writer’s block on my days off and at least write something… even if its not creative (sometimes that’s when the creative juices start to pee out of my brain…if brains pissed…they get pissed but they don’t piss…wow I get sidetracked easily). Anyhow…

The Ultimate Fighter Season 17 was actually one of my favorite seasons (besides Rampage & Rasheed Wallace’s)… it was kinda boring in the house… but its great… it actually focused on the sport! It doesn’t try to be like ‘Bad Girls Club’ or ‘Real World’ or any other reality show that has no informative and/or plot or topic at hand… its focused on the fights and challenges more than the drama at the house. I actually liked the whole season and I’m bummed I missed I think 2 nights and of course it was 2 good fights, but thank goodness for youtube (although I still haven’t seen Colton Smith vs. Mike Ricci dammit…but stoked Colton won ‘cus I was rooting for that fool the whole season!).

Anyhow… it was a great season… the two last contestants were Uriah Hall & Kelvin Gastelum…

It was a gnarly fight and one that I was indecisive to root for… I wanted Kelvin to win because if he won then he’d be the youngest to win and join the ranks of other professionals and be the youngest to accomplish such a win… but then again I wanted Uriah to win because he’s scary & a vicious fighter. Uriah’s fights this past season were the most vicious of knock-outs. Very entertaining… pure with adrenaline (he’s a scary motherfucker). In a way I was kinda scared for Kelvin just because of their stats. Uriah is taller with a longer reach, but Kelvin has more cardio & stamina (youth does have its perks).

In the end it went to decision with no tap-outs or knock-outs and the judges gave it to Kelvin! It was awesome, but I was hoping that it was going to go for another round. Oh well… it was a great fight!

…speaking of UFC… so there’s this whole controversy going on about a match coming up.

Rhonda Rousey versus…

Fallon Fox.

The problem??? Well… this…

Fallon Fox is a transgender… and I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with being a transgender (especially after watching ‘Our America with Lisa Ling’), I do believe it’s wrong that they would match Rhonda Rousey against Fallon Fox.

I don’t have anything against transgenders (only the fact that some people think I’m a tranny because I’ve got somewhat of a masculine chin & not that high of cheekbones although I’m born a girl/chick/lady/woman in a man’s world… actually… fuck that though… it’s a woman’s world… it’s Mothernature’s… duhhh… jokes), but I do believe that Fallon Fox has an unfair advantage. Being born a man and going through puberty as a man gives Fallon an advantage inside the ring. Women & men are built differently and although Fallon might have taken hormones and went through plastic surgery to completely transform from man to woman… she was still born a man. Not there’s anything wrong with that. People are who they are and I respect their decisions. We don’t make people’s choices. We each just make our own. And if you’re a good person and do good in this world… then no one should think otherwise. Anyhow… I think that it’s an unfair match-up. I don’t think trangenders should be ousted in UFC or any other sport… but I do feel that they should be put into a different category. There’s lightweight, welterweight, heavyweight… and if anything… they can add a transgenderweight. I’m just saying… or I’m just writing… I don’t know…

I’m just looking forward to Jon Jones & Chael Sonnen’s fight. I think they were both great coaches & that they’re both great contenders, but no offense Chael I want Bones Jones to win! Keep the championship alive!!! I usually root for the underdog, but there’s no underdog here. So if you’ve got nothing to do on April 27th… come & watch the fight with me! And then we can have deep philosophical conversations about the birds & the bees and why the chicken crossed the road and shit. Okay whatever… it doesn’t matter… have a wonderful day interwebbers!

P.S. Rhonda Rousey is a beast! Sexiest beast! My favorite female UFC fighter.

P.P.S. And yes… I’m scared of her.


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