The Scholastic 1. Part 2.

Lucky her. She never was wrong. Or that’s what she thought. She was the president of her senior class. She did everything. She was on the volleyball team. She ran a few of the extra curricular programs which included “Future Successors of America.” She had it all and she wanted it all. She had no worries. Was it academics that saved her? A fundamental way of thinking so self-righteous about herself? Is that the key to success? To have no cares what others think. To poke fun at the potheads just because she said they were stupid even though two of the stoners were in her Calculus AP class AND one of them had a higher percentage than her. To do what she wanted when she wanted with whoever she wanted. To be hallway/campus monitor and narc on classmates even though there was no such position given to any student. Then hypocritically write a fake excuse letter so that she could have sex with her English teacher just so that she can change her ‘A’ to an ‘A+’. To not take criticism from others, yet criticize others by complaining about how everyone else from her class was stupid and she was smart because she didn’t smoke, drink or have fun outside of academics.

…there is a fine line…

After she graduated from school, things changed. She wasn’t at all changed. Though her surroundings did profusely. There were no classmates to snitch on. There were no teachers or principals to bring an apple to on the daily. There was no English teacher to fuck because he was married and after she graduated he didn’t care for her any longer. There was no student council to domineer. Things changed. A lot.

…where did it all go wrong???

It didn’t go wrong. It was part of the life process that happens to everyone. She didn’t know that. She didn’t know that in college some students would be smarter. She didn’t think that some of her college professors would not acknowledge her apple. She didn’t think that she would be unable to take all the classes she wanted each semester because classes filled fast and that there was a specific date & time for each student to register for classes. She didn’t have first priority. That surprised her. There were no students to feel superior over. There were no teachers to kiss ass to. Nothing.

…it had changed… really it had…


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