Oh Harry, you’re so funny… actually I take that back… it’s bullshit… I mean its bulldog shih-tzu mixed. I think I’m gonna start using that as my secret language instead of using the term bullshit I’m gonna start saying ‘bulldog shih-tzu mixed.’ Oh wait… I just blah’ged it. Nevermind. Now everyone know’s my inside joke. He’s dumb. Lloyd’s dumber. And I’m dumbest… not really, but pretty close.

#HarryDunne #JeffDaniels #DumbAndDumber

#bestmovieinseventhgrade #watcheditatafriendshouseineighthgrade #titwascrazywatchingitondvdinsteadofvhs #wehadtoturnitoffforhalfanhour #cuzwecouldntstoplaughing #andoneofmyfriendscouldntstopfarting #truestory

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