Nyjah Houston

I’ve gotta head to work shortly, but I just wanted to add this little side note. I always check the CNN, Science & Yahoo (yahoo is really for the horoscopes so its more like the hocus pocus up-to-date personal intrigues)  news in the mornings to get a variety of political news and social news. And to keep up to date with what’s happening in this world and what changes (or not) will affect me, my family & loved ones.

It was crazy to see Nyjah Huston in one of the main yahoo news topics. I remember following this kid back when I was still working at 118 Boardshop and having debates about how this kid is a prodigy. He really is in some sense. When he was 13, he was doing tricks that professionals double… triple… or better yet… quadruple his age weren’t doing. It’s crazy. People at the shop would always talk about how he was always at the local skateparks with his dad, but that his dad was in someways a tyrant. Maybe all that discipline made him who he is today. I remember at Maloof Money Cup he got 2nd place and he was so butthurt and wouldn’t sign other kids’ boards, etc. At first I thought that he was this inconsiderate punk and took his talent for granted, but now I realize he was just a little kid acting like a little kid. Anyhow, this kid will always be a legend in skateboarding in his era. He’s still is killin’ it. I’m writing this just as a side note since I haven’t wrote for a long time on my blahblahblah’g and have been craving some writing & reading. This week is all about writing & reading on my days off… I can’t wait.

P.S. Here’s the link to the yahoo thingymajingy if any of you are interested:


Little Nyjah w/ his Dad… dang how the years go by…

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