screen-shot-2012-11-01-at-10-14-39-amI had the strangest dream last night…I can’t recall the entire dream, but pretty much every night I have a bizarre dream. Last night I had a dream that I was going to some bootcamp or jail. I was waiting in this long line and although the line was moving quickly, it was so crowded I decided to get off the sidewalk and walk on the street. I felt rebellious and thought about my beliefs on anti-conformity. I was trying to be the anarchist I long to be. Just kidding…or am I. No, just kidding. Anyhow, when I got to the front of the line, there were these benches and we all had to sit down and write stuff on these yellow notepads. I remember the lady sitting in front of me saying all these weird things and talking to herself. When she asked one of the people in charge if she was right or wrong he told her she was just a figment of our imagination. I thought to myself, “How strange is that…I could see and hear her and everyone else could see and hear her, but she’s not real??? She’s just a make believe person that we all see and hear?!” As we sat down, all of us had to wear blue or red and I was wearing white. I couldn’t decide which color I wanted to wear so I just wore white. Then the guy in charge was telling us to write things down on our yellow notepad. I heard what he was saying, but kept on getting sidetracked. So I asked the person next to me what it is that we were suppose to write on our notepads. He showed me his list and that I should just copy it. On his yellow piece of paper it said: “WISHLIST: Science, Secular, Spiritual, Superstition, SSSSSSSSSSSSSS….” It was a list of words that all started with the letter ‘S’. The only words I could remember was “Science” – “Secular” – “Spiritual” – “Superstition” and that it said “WISHLIST” on top. And then my phone went off and I woke up… Dreams are weird. It’s like, where do they come from?! Am I gonna write screenplays or stories on all these topics??? Is that my wishlist?! Dun-dun-duuuuuuuuuhn. To be continued…


Reminiscing ‘Bout That Oldschool


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve wrote anything on this live journal of mine. Sometimes I look back at the things I’ve written and think, “wow I’m lame.” Then I realize, “yes I’m lame.” And then I think, “I’m really fuckin’ okay with that.”

There’s this new place down the street that’s opened up by mine & PB’s. Like I say over and over, I’m allergic to alcohol. And like I continue to say over and over, well… the whole thing about evolution per individual is that if you’re allergic to something you take it in small doses so that your body reacts to it as an allergen; yet will eventually become accustom to it in your blood system and instead of your body rejecting it, it will eventually become immune to it.

That also goes for such things that you become allergic to as you grow older. If you start to become allergic to something, don’t worry, it could just be a phase your body’s going through.

But then again…

I’m not a doctor so I just make these assumptions up. I do some research. I see the pros & cons and then I combine it with my own theoretical questions & answers and come up with a solution.

To each is own right?! Mothafuckinaye.

Off topic…

But I always am…

If you know me, I love to dance. I don’t need to be drunk to do so (although a little Jeiger might help the eagerness to dance).


So there’s this bar that opened up down the street and the great thing about this spot is that they play fun dance music. My cousins, aka my best friends, and I have always loved dancing. Having this bar down the street helps me to not really worry about missing a day of exercise (which I don’t even remember the last time I did exercise, but one day I’ll do that cardio eating healthy thingy). I sweat it out on the dance floor on Fridays or Saturdays.

Yes I’m a dweeb, but I can’t help it.

See the thing is, I used to always wonder why people would go to bars. Especially loud ones. So you drink and can’t hear anything or anyone and you’re around complete strangers, but you’re not having any type of conversation past the point of, “hey can I get your number?” or “hey do you wanna fuck?”

That’s not always the case…

But it’s strange to me that people want to go to bars to do nothing but drink. I’m not trying to hate on that if that’s your thing because fun is defined differently by all of us, but the weird thing is is that I see the same people doing the same thing: getting wasted and accomplishing nothing with it.

But then again…

Maybe people just want to find someone to go home with. Maybe people want to find other people from the bar that like going to bars to drink and do nothing but go to the bar to drink. Maybe.

I don’t know…

I understand wanting to get a drink after a long day of work and wanting to just relax and forget about the worries and dramas that occur in life. I understand wanting to grab a drink with a friend to catch up on life or to enjoy each others company and be outdoors or out of your own home where there’s probably more work and chores to do.

I understand that…

But to do it every night?!

Well…I’d be a hipocrit if I acted like I never went to the bar. I go to the bars. Well the bar. One bar. And I’ll ocassionally have a drink or two. Talk with some friends. Laugh about nothing. Enjoy each others company. Have a deep conversation about life and how hard it is to figure out my beats in the screenplays and stories I write. Talk about gibberish because I love to talk blahblahblah and blah about it and eventually find a way to laugh about it.

I like to laugh.

But in the end, it all comes down to loving to dance. I fuckin’ love to dance. It’s funny too…the bar we go to isn’t really for people that like to twerk or get jiggy or groove or breakdance to some music. It’s more of a, ‘lets stand here and drink’. Not trying to hate on that at all, but yes…I was a Britney Spears-Nsync fan and I know all of Aaliyah’s moves.

The point is…

I don’t do drugs. I never have. Although I have a feeling people think I’m on coke or something because I dance on the dance floor like I’m Ciara’s back-up dancer even when no one else is dancing besides me and my cousin or friend.

Does ganja count?

I stopped doing that and trying to go a year without doing so or longer… My goal is to get my comic book published. Two of my screenplays passed the first draft. Film my web-series. Print my zine. And laugh a shitload everyday.

The latter goal is loosely based on what can really be accomplished… but it can be because it’s complete and just needs my ass to push it out the door.

Anyhow I’m writing this blahblahblah on my blahblahblahg because this weekend reminded me of how much I love to dance and how much I adore my friendship with my cousins and my friends who are my family.

I’m truly blessed.

…and life is the blessing in general.


Good day to all…