Offense Versus Defense…it’s not a sport, but a decision.

KP-TIME-450x600Imagination roadblocks suck. I can’t stand when my brain doesn’t want to cooperate with my imagination and creativity. It’s like I get “blue brains” and my creativity won’t orgasm out of my conscious…just yet. So… I try to take a break and get away for a moment from sitting with pieces of paper with notes & chicken scratch that surround me too often where as if a tornado had just passed through my desk.

I then catch up with reading. I read a chapter from whatever book I’m reading which right now is, “Secrets to Your Cells;” (yes, I’ve been inspired by the movie “Her” which fuckin’ is adorable and a fun twist on what the future may behold…kinda not really…fuck it who knows…). I catch-up on some comic books to chuckle a bit and loosen up the imagination, “Wormwoood: Volume 2,” (Yes I’m fuckin’ behind shut up I read slow and get easily distracted by other comic books). And usually, if I take a short break, I catch-up on my magazine subscriptions and read a few articles before getting back to being frustrated with my best friends pen & paper where we have arguments on what works and what doesn’t and why the fuck did this just happen on that page (yes, paper & pen keep me social in a sense). “Vice,” “Rolling Stones,” “Newsweek,” “Dice,” “Bl!ss,” “Cosmo” and “Time.” Those are the magazines I read on a ‘try to keep up with what is happening around me type’ basis. Most recently I read the March 24, 2014 “Time” issue with Key & Peele on the cover.

Damnit do I love them.

The article is unfortunately short. I was hoping there would be much more they’d talk about because I wanted to dissect their minds and understand how the fuck they come up with such funny sketches. But their article is as intelligent and informative as is their entertainment. We are allowed to laugh at the cost of nothing, but to laugh. There is no judgement and there is no bias. There is only humor that their sketches give to us for our enjoyment and the realization that laughing is the best medicine to [sometimes] our diabolical events in life. Yet, people will say that there is always a fine line, but is there really a line or do we choose to draw these imaginary lines ourselves?

I like humor. I like philosophy. I like sarcasm. I like deep thoughts. I like light moments and I like when bleak can find a way to become joyful & pleasant.

See, the thing is is that in this day & age, although our society ‘thinks’ it has broken the barricades in which equality has become available at your own discretion; the truth of the matter is is that some things have been welcomed while other things have been shunned.

We’ve opened this country [the US] for equality where gays can now get married and to that I say fuck yeah that’s awesome!! Finally!

But then, when I watch “Seinfeld” (which we had to do for the past few months until being able to finally afford the internet recently…thank goodness for YouTube & Netflix) I think and question, “Would they be able to say or do the things they say on television now what they could say or do back during that time?!”

For instance, there’s a seen where Elaine gets out of the car to let George in while Jerry is the driver. George doesn’t want to sit in the middle because he thinks that people might think it’s strange that it’s “guy-guy” sitting close to each other. Elaine then asks George if he’s a ‘homophobe.’ Another instance is when Kramer is going to meet his girlfriend’s family who is African American. He falls asleep tanning and when he meets them they’re surprised.

I question those scenes and wonder because nowadays people seem so easily offended. You can’t be religious without someone thinking you’re  illiberal or a conservative freak. You can’t jokingly use the word fag, retard or cunt without someone saying you’re prejudice or narrow-minded (which when I was young, fag & retard was my way of flirting with a boy I liked…I thought of the word as if I were saying nerd or dork…teasing was a sign of my sincere affection…realtalk). You can’t date someone outside of your race without someone (not everyone) thinking you don’t date your own race. It’s ridiculous.

But…the great outcome of today’s humor is that we’ve been fortunate to have comedians such as Key & Peele. In my opinion, they’re this generations new “Seinfeld.” Different style. Different concept. But it works just the same. It takes real life meets fake laugh with an intent to make you chuckle when the going gets tough and the tough gets boring. And it’s ridiculously laugh out loud stupid (and when I say stupid I mean smart…see slang fucks with our understanding…future blog topic). Anyhow… They take topics in today’s culture and create a sketch that’s filled with pure entertainment and no intended discrimination or bigotry.

Also, if you ever watch “Seinfeld,” we’re probably destined to be best friends. No, but really…the humor is so brilliant and so relatable in so many ways that just like stand-up comedy, they take a situation and put a funny twist to it that the majority can relate to. Whether you’ve questioned if that girl’s boobs are fake or not, can’t remember the person you just went on a date with other than their name rhyming with a female body part or met someone like Donna Change and immediately assumed she was Chinese; the truth of the matter is that laughing shouldn’t be a crying matter.

Take my advice…or don’t take it I’m just passing the time on this live journal that no one reads before I’ve gotta fight with pen & paper again… If you get easily offended try and take yourself out of the situation. Either take a step away and dismiss yourself from the circumstance or laugh about it and come back with a witty remark to make them feel as awkward as they might have made you feel…but please, just try and not feel that there’s injustice in sarcasm just because you’ve been offended and now your defense is super intense and your anger is against the world and its expense (that’s a verse in my new rap song…jk).

Like Rodney King would say if his homies were arguing because one homie made fun of the other homie and jokingly poked fun of the other homie’s t-shirt…well…he would probably say, “Can’t we all just laugh along?”

And to Key & Peele…kudos for the giggles.

P.S. POSTER-laughing-monster-MED


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