Smile of the Afternoon

sons-of-anarchy-otto-tongueTaking another break and realized I haven’t been on this blog in so long. I came across something that reminded me of this dude and it made me realize I haven’t written anything about one of my favorite shows and favorite people in the world. I need to write a blog about this show and how it makes my brain want to kick & scream and my heart want to ride off on a motorcycle so it doesn’t have to feel so…so…what’s the word I’m looking’ for…so fuckin’ bi-polar. There’s madness in the most awesome way possible when I watch this show, but shit man does it make you want to shit man.

Anyhow…isn’t that picture so adorable?! #Otto #SonsOfAnarchy #FX #KurtSutter #Motorcycles #Television #SoGood #PissYourPantsGood #PunchYourWallsGreat #ClinchYourButtWorthy


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